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Are your employees happy?

When you come into work each day, are you happy? Do you think that your employees are always happy to be at work? While you shouldn't expect everyone to love being at work all the time, you should expect them to be mostly satisfied with their jobs and to have a desire to be there. Managers play a big role in helping their employees to be happy and satisfied with their jobs. Here are some ways to help your employees love their jobs and have a commitment to the company:

Growth Potential
If a person knows they are in a dead-end job it is only a matter of time before they become miserable and before they look for ways to get a new job. You need to provide each employee with the potential to grow with the company, provided they want to move forward. This is where it will do you some good to take the time to get to know your employees and to learn about their desires and goals. While the standard for growth may be hierarchy, you want to offer other ways for an employee to grow with the company.

Fair Compensation
Do you pay your employees fairly? While non-profits and smaller companies do not have the same resources, it is still expected for you to compensate your staff fairly. You need to assess their skill level and to research what other companies are paying these employees in the same role. Even offering a few extra cents per hour will stimulate some employees and it will be able to help you keep them happy with their jobs and roles within the company.

Job Duties
What are their job duties and do they understand them? If an employee is confused about their role, it will lead to frustration and it can make it very difficult for them to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities. You need to clearly lay out their roles so they know where they are at with the company. Job descriptions will also be able to help employees that need to see what their job is and how they can expand the job if they have the desire and motivation to do so.

Stimulation and Challenge
When a job becomes the same day in and day out, you will lose the drive you once had to work hard. Employees need a challenge and they need to be stimulated at the office. You need to offer them a balanced workload that will be able to challenge them and push them so they don't sit around bored at the office or sick of their job. One way to gauge how the employee feel is by bringing them into your office and talking to them about their job and how they feel about their role and if there is something you can do to make them happy with the job.

Job Security
The economy has it's ups and downs and it can impact the morale of your company especially when you are being forced to layoff people. You need to be able to provide employees with job security if you really want to keep them on your payroll and to keep them happy. When people are not secure with their jobs, it will impact your morale and it can cause performance levels to decrease.

Employee Recognition
Employees often become upset and frustrated when they do not feel noticed. Do you take the time to recognize your employees and let them know they are doing a great job? You need to take the time to let them know you do notice them coming into work each day and working hard. This helps to lift up their self-esteem and it can boost employee morale.

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