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The impact an HR manager has on an organization

The role of a human resource (HR) manager varies from business to business, especially based on the size or type of organization they are representing.The role of a good HR manager is never ending as they work to identify the talent and challenges within each employee while still maintaining the overall goals of the company.They often need to wear multiple hats within the company as well since they need to not only hire and fire people but they have to help out the secretaries and billing managers too.

This is a very challenging job and it takes a certain personality and expertise to handle it effectively. HR managers must be able to utilize the experience and talents of each employee and place them in the position where those talents will be best suited.In order to accomplish this, they are responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting: HR managers typically recruit incoming employees for the company that will deliver a valuable skill set to the employer.It is an expensive process, and can be incredibly time consuming so being efficient in finding the best personnel solutions is imperative.
  • Hiring:Once recruiting has taken place, it is up to the HR manager to hire the right candidate and get them ready for their new position in the company.Typically the HR manager will handle new employee paperwork such as tax and insurance forms, and any policy forms that must be completed.
  • Training:New and old employees alike require training to meet the growing needs of their departments and employer.The HR manager provides training on everything from new employee orientation to scheduling updated training on equipment, new procedures and changes in policies.
  • Communication:the HR manager holds a significant position between employees and employer.They must be able to have trusted relationships with both the employee and the employer in order to bridge the gap between the two.Defining clear expectations, working relationships and job descriptions ensures that both managers and their workers know where they stand, what protections they have and who they can go to if they have a problem.
  • Consultation:In case of misunderstandings and sometimes even personal problems with employees, the HR manager must be able to step in as an advisor, confidant and even counselor.They must be resourceful and respectful.Knowing how to actively listen and suggesting solutions.
  • Performance: An HR manager evaluates the performance of their employees and determines the wages, bonuses and training needed by each employee.They must set performance standards and indicators and assess each position by these standards in order to improve and maintain the business expectations.
  • Wages and benefits:The power to decide the wages offered per position by the employer is an important piece of HR essentials.Benefits such as leave, insurance and wages are determined on a scale and by policies that are written and adhered to by the company, so the HR manager must be careful in determining these policies.

HR managers can handle all or any separate pieces of the duties above. They may be supported by a team of trainers, benefits analysts, or may work alone and be required to handle all the needs of the employer and employee.They are in a strategic place to help guide the business by finding and utilizing it's best resource, good employees.They may be required to handle difficult situations with discretion, manage the day to day expectations of the employee and employer and be called upon to increase morale or team spirit within the office environment.Whatever their role, they strive to be an objective party to both sides while also working for the best possible outcomes of the business.

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