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Productivity with a purpose

Notice that your productivity levels are dropping? Why are they dropping and do you know what is really going on with your company? If you haven't got a clue as to why productivity is decreasing and why your employees are no longer satisfied with their jobs, you have a little investigative work to do. Productivity needs to have a purpose in order to get your employees on board with it. They need to see that you are contributing to the overall success of the company and that you are actively seeking ways to strengthen the company and that it's not all on their shoulders to make the company stronger and better.

Personalities tend to make up a big part of productivity. Some people are go-getters and it's very easy for them to be productive. Others need a little push from you or they need a lot of pushing from you in order to become successful. Here are some things you need to ask yourself and your employees when you are focusing on productivity levels:

  1. What is the purpose of your job?

  2. What is expected of you?

  3. How much time do you spend on your job?

  4. How much time should you be spending on your job?

  5. Can you re-route things to make your job easier? By doing so will you accomplish it faster?

  6. What would happen if you stopped doing some of the mundane tasks?

Questioning yourself and the business rules can really help you identify some of the problems with the organization and the way things are currently laid out. Don't look at these questions like they are bad because they really help you prioritize things better and it makes the employees look at the way they have been working and decide if they are the reason why the productivity levels have slowed or if its due to a complete system failure with the company.

What you need to do is create a list with the employees and place priorities on the various tasks you need your employees to perform. With the priorities on them, you can then hook up and talk about how much time each task needs to have. This helps to eliminate distractions as you can make time for the tasks that need your undivided attention and get rid of the tasks that do not need as much attention and time devoted to them.

If you are having a slow day at the office, why not start working on some projects that you need to complete tomorrow or next week? You should look into utilizing your free time when you do have it and stop filling it up with unimportant tasks along with wasted time. For example, take those 10-20 extra minutes to start preparing upcoming blog posts for your blog or a short marketing message for your online social media campaign.

Have a different routine each day you come into the office. When you come in and do the same thing day after day, it can wear down on you and it can cause you to struggle with your important tasks. By making different tasks your priority tasks, you will have an easier time getting through your work week and to make the work enjoyable for you again.

Don't forget to add in time for you to relax and exercise in the office. When you sit all day long and you rarely have a chance to exercise your body and your mind, you will notice your ideas are not as fresh and you may struggle to get the right type of results you want.

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