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Career opportunities for a promotions manager

Promoting your company in every type of event is a big part of running an effective company as it will allow you to attract new customers and to remind existing customers that you are around. Most companies do not hire a promotions manager until it's time for you to start promoting a conference or another big event. Some of the companies out there assume that their other managers will be able to market the company effectively so they don't need to turn to a promotions manager for help. The promotions manager position is very important and you need to make sure you have enough room in your salary to fill it.

Like the position states, a promotions manager is in charge of promoting the company. They will help to launch a new product, promote an event, meet with the media, and are in charge of the detailed aspects of a marketing or advertising campaign. Since their role is so involved with the marketing department this person needs to learn how to integrate themselves into the company without stepping on the toes of their co-workers and taking away from their jobs.

The promotions manager has a number of responsibilities but some of their biggest roles include the following:

  • Planning of a product launch or event

  • Coordinating a launch

  • Implementing a marketing strategy

Some of the common methods a promotions manager will use to generate a response include the following:
  • Promotional giveaways

  • Events and fundraisers

  • Coupons

  • Reward cards

  • Contests

A good promotions manager will come with some extra talent and ability to generate a better response from the things you have tried in the past. They are being paid to be creative so you need to look for the person that has the skills to try something new with the hope that it will work. A promotions manager needs to have connections with the media in order to get your companies name on the television news reports, online magazines and newspapers, print media, and several other places that will increase your exposure. A solid promotions manager has the talent and skill you need to make the connections you need to increase the exposure for your company.

When you are seeking the right person for the job, what should you look for? Experience is vital in this position. Younger employees might not have the experience but they could come with the education you need to get started. The employees with experience have experience that you need to know what works and what doesn't work. These individuals have an edge since they have most likely already dealt with media contacts in the past and it will be easy for them to get out there and generate a buzz in a hurry.

Knowledge of the internet is vital for this position as well. They need to know a lot of the marketing skills like search engine optimization and pay per click marketing as they will deal with this a lot. Having a person that used to be a marketing specialist and has integrated into the role of a promotions manager is a wonderful option.

Personal skills the promotions manager include communication skills and confidence. They will often be the person on the news reports and they can be known as the face of the business so you need a person that is confident in themselves and can communicate the right message easily. Multitasking is another skill you want to look for when you are hiring a promotions manager for your company. You can hire out this position but promoting a marketing specialist within the company is a great way to increase company loyalty and employee morale.

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