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How to keep morale high amongst your staff

Making sure your employees are happy is one of the best things you can do to improve their productivity.Every employee gets depressed about their job once in a while.They hate being at work or just want to quit because of all the pressure.As a manager you can control how happy they are at work and how they are performing.Let's look at some ideas to make sure you staff is happy while at work.

One idea is to play team games.It's not exactly the most common thing to do but if you have the facilities it is a way to interact with everyone and have a good time.It is also a good stress reducer.Take your office out to a volleyball court and play for an hour.It will help reduce stress in your employees and help them get along better together.It will also help everyone relax and not think about all the stressful things at work.

Another great idea is to maybe do a potluck or a catered lunch with your department.Doing it at someone's home or even in your break room is a good idea.Once again it helps to relieve stress and is just a fun way to get together and to let everyone talk about things, not related to work.

Letting your employees interact with each other is a great idea because it can help build friendships.When people at work get along with other employees it helps to relieve stress and it allows them to talk to others about the issues at work.When employees talk about stressful issues or things they aren't happy about it tends to help people work through them and not to be so worried about everything.

Taking a 15 minute break every few hours helps make people more productive.If they are given a chance to stop what they are doing, have a snack and talk to a few people it tends to rejuvenate people and they instantly become more productive.It may not seem like such a good thing for your company to let people have breaks, but one every once in a while will help your employees and your business in the long run.

Take the opportunity to let your employees know how much they are appreciated.Give out holiday bonuses or gifts.Give them cards or a gift on their birthday.Simple things do let them know they are thought of and are appreciated.Don't give out preprinted birthday cards that just say "Happy Birthday, Hope it's Great!"Write a personal note to them.It doesn't need to be long or the most thoughtful thing you've ever written.But take time to write just a little something about them and how you've noticed the work they are doing.Letting them know you care and really appreciate what they do helps their self esteem and also their productivity.They think about how busy you are and appreciate that you took the time to notice them and their work.Everyone wants to be noticed by their employer and so when a person is it boosts their self-esteem.

Happy employees don't leave their job.If someone is happy with what they are given and who they are working for they will stay.They also tend to be more productive when they are happy.If someone is down or really stressed out at work try a few of these ideas.They keep people involved with each other and it lets your employees know that they are appreciated.It also lets employees know that they are thought about by the company.It lets them know that the company isn't concerned just about profits but about the well being of its employees.The well being of employees leads to the well being of the company.

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