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What Are You Doing About Lazy Employees

Dealing with lazy employees can be a large challenge for any manager. Employees that are lazy might give you quality work but it just seems to take a really long time for you to be able to get the work out of them. You might even deal with other issues as well like morale concerns as other employees are impacted by the laziness of their co-workers. They may feel like they have to pick up the slack from the lazy employee or the lazy employee will impact their ability to turn in their work on time. It is important that you understand how to deal with all the different type of personalities and the way in which people work so you can easily create a positive working environment and one where productivity is high. Here are some tips to help you in managing lazy employees.

Tip # 1 - Meet with the employee
One of the first things you need to do is to sit down with the individual and talk to them about their behavior. You need to let them know that you are noticing they are not putting in all their efforts to the company. You can easily see when they miss deadlines and you will hear the rumblings from the other employees about how frustrated they can become with the lazy employee. Hold a meeting with them to find out what is causing this behavior. You need to identify what the root of the problem is so you can easily make changes to their workload or other things that can help them to get back on track. There may be issues related to their performance that are brought on by resentment over the way they have been treated by management or by their fellow employees. It is critical that you meet with the employee and really find out what is happening so you can make changes and help them to become a productive employee once again.

Tip # 2 - Encourage Teamwork
A great way in which you can focus on helping people to become productive once again is by showing them how to work in team. Teamwork is vital to the company as it will be able to give you a chance to make everyone work together and makes them all understand why they need to rely on each other. Hold team building exercises and other things that an show your employees how to work in teams. You also need to consider putting together some people that don't always work on projects together. This will force people to get to know each other and will move them out of their comfort zones. When you do this, it can create a stronger working environment for everyone and brings about unity for the organization.

Tip # 3 - Change departments
A lazy employee usually is suffering from burnout. One of the best things you can do to help them is to move them to a new department or change their workload. When they have different work, it can inspire them and may be able to help them get some fire under their belt again. Doing the same old projects day in and day out will cause a lot of people to get bored and this is why they will end up procrastinating their work and just do not have a desire to work hard anymore. Call them into your office and talk to them about perhaps trying out a new department or trying new work to see if that can help to motivate them again.

Work with the lazy employee instead of singling them out all the time and condemning them. When you can get to the root of the issue, you can prevent problems from continuing on in the future.

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