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Leadership tips for managers

chart30392829.JPG Are you ready to lead your team? If you are new to the position of a manager you might be wondering what you can do in order to become an effective leader and to get your staff to follow you. There are literally 2 types of employees, those that want to follow and those that want to lead. You need to figure out what types of people you are working with as some may be able to flourish with different tasks that allow them to control it while other people need clear direction and instructions on what they need to do. Here are some great leadership tips for managers.

Tip # 1 - Education and experience
One of the first things a manager needs to bring to the table is their education and experience. Some people have a lot of formal education while others have on the job training. No matter what your background is you need to know your job well and your company in order to show people that you know what you are talking about and how you will be able to help the company grow. Always work on increasing your knowledge and consider attending leadership training courses that will teach you how to communicate better with your staff and other things that will really be able to help you become a great manager.

Tip # 2 - Learn to communicate

Communication is one of the areas that you really need to focus on and not too many people really take the time to train themselves in this area. Good verbal and written communication skills will help to avoid confusion and will be able to bring your employees closer together to function as a team. When you are interacting with your employees, make sure they feel like you are actually listening to them and that they are able to see that you care. Turn off all the distractions and other things that can get in the way from providing your complete attention to your employees. The other part of communication is to be clear and to get right to the point. When you beat around the bush with instructions and the end goal that you want to reach you will end up confusing a lot of people.

Tip # 3 - Have a vision
People want to look to a leader for direction. You must have a vision and a plan for the company in order for it to become a success. This will include laying out some of the big plans you have for the company or for your department and then to provide your employees with steps on how you will be able to get there. When they see a big goal and steps on how to make it into a reality your employees are likely to be inspired. They will trust and respect you more if you are able to make this vision actually succeed.

Tip # 4 - Make decisions
As a leader you need to make decisions on the spot and you have to make sure they are right. Of course not every decision you make will be right nor will it be great but you have to be confident in your ability to make decisions. If you show weakness, it will expose you to your employees and they won't trust you and might actually question your abilities.

Tip # 5 - Integrity
A manager needs to be honest and trustworthy. Your employees want to trust and respect you and this will only happen if you are a person of character. Don't get into the office gossip and make sure you are true to yourself and that you have integrity to do what is right even if other people don't feel this same way.

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