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Growing your business and strengthening your customer relationships

Do you track how your customers are finding your company? How many of your existing customers found you because of their friends and other customers that referred them to your company? Your customers are one of your greatest assets out there, which is why you need to work on building better relationships with your customers. How do your customers find your website? Do they send you inquires through your website? You want to take a look at all the ways your customers are finding you and intensify your efforts.

How do you build better customer relationships? One of the first ways is to exceed your customer's expectations. What does this mean exactly? How many things have your ordered online only to have them broken and damaged when they were delivered to your home? What was your expectation for this company and did they meet it? You need to consider that with each order that comes into your company that each person has a different expectation for your company. What you want to do is not only fill their order but go above and beyond with proper packaging and timely delivery. If you do this, it will impress your customers as they will be able to see that you are trying to make them happy.

Customer appreciation is another way to work on strengthening your relationships with your customers. You need to send out thank-you mailers and letters to them to let them know how much you do appreciate their support as a customer. Simply talking to your customers and thanking them for ordering from your company and supporting your company will be able to help you with those relationships as you strive to make them happier.

Do you listen to your customers? What are they saying to you? Are you responding to what they have to say with better products and services for them? Social media sites help you to listen better as you are able to gain more exposure to your customers and you are able to show them you are on these sites and you are here to listen to them. Comment cards have been around for years and they are still quite useful. Do not discount how the comment cards work and be sure to place them on your website as well so your customers have a chance to learn more about your company and so they can voice their opinion. Every interaction you have with your customers is a chance to build relationships with them. This is the time for you to let them know that you are listening and that you are willing to change things around for them that will make them happy and build better relationships with them.

How often do you ask your customers how they heard about your company? When you talk to them do you ask them how they found you? This is valuable information that you cannot discredit and you have to pay attention to.

Use a tracking system to gather data about your customers and to find out how they found your business. This is a great thing to have for your marketing department as they can look into spending more time on different marketing efforts that are working and cut out the ones that aren't going anywhere. When you install the new tracking system, make sure you are talking to your employees about the importance of gathering correct information. Your employees are going to be in charge of so many parts of the tracking system and they play a critical role in the building of relationships with your customers. You need to be sure that they understand the importance of the tracking system and if they do, it will be easier for you to gather the right information because they will gave a given interest in it.

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