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Executive branches and how you can manage them

A management position is one of authority and it means you need to preside over many employees and sometimes multiple braches. When you move out of the position of being a small franchise and you are expanding to multiple locations you are going to push yourself even harder to be a different type of manager and to function in a very different role.

There are 2 main executive branches that a manager will fall under. They include the following:

  • Administrator. A business administrator tends to be the person that is in charge of business plans and developing policies for the organization. They will need to preside over a number of employees and sometimes they will have multiple branches to preside over. Their findings must be reported to upper management or the board of directors in order to help think, plan, and execute properly.

  • Manager. The business manager deals with a different type of job as they are considered a branch off the administration. They report to administration and they usually work with one site versus multiple locations. Their job is to deal with the day-to-day aspects of the business and to make sure things are getting done within specific time frames.

The different executive branches do work hand in hand and you need to have solid communication among them both to keep the company operating correctly. The biggest difference is that your administrators will usually have more experience and they often have a higher education level. Many of them go onto get their MBA or even a Phd and often have years of experience under their belt. Administrators usually have about 20 years of experience as managers under their belt and they tend to be well respected in the industry. The administrator is in charge of making the decisions and they do not need to take orders from others. They might meet with the board members to discuss the future and to make sure they are in compliance with the goals of the company but in the end they are in charge of their jobs and they don't need to take direction from managers.

Management jobs can be broken down into several categories which is unlike the administrator position as they tend to have only one job within each organization. Here are some of the various management branches you will need to watch over as the administrator:

  • Project manager. The project manager is in charge of the way in which personnel within the company operates. They will deal with the hiring of entry level positions and are directly involved with their training. They will take direction from executive level managers or directly from administration. Project managers normally manage several tasks and need to complete them on time.

  • Human Resource Manager. This person helps in the hiring process as they will weed out all the applicants that are not relevant to the job criteria. They also deal with the health insurance benefits and several other things that pertain to benefits of the company. They come with leadership skills and must have personnel skills as they are typically the person that is in charge of dismissing employees.

  • Sales Manager. This is your creative genius as this person is responsible for coming up with ways to move the company into the future. They will deal with product promotion and will set reasonable sales goals for your company to aspire to. They can bring a much needed component to your team as they will focus on keeping up with new technology and other things to keep your company modern.

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