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Take your child to work day, is it a good idea?

Take your child to work day is a day that is set aside annually to show your children what you do at work. This is a day that will also help your child to discover the link between what they learn in school and what they can do as a grown up. In most workplaces there are special hands on activities for your child to do and workshops that will demonstrate what your company does. So, take your child to work day, is it a good idea?

Take your child to work day can also be known as take your daughters and sons to work. This was started in 1992 so that kids could see the direct correlation between school and work. It is aimed to help your kids learn why schooling is important and to achieve their full potential whether they are your daughter or son. Taking your child to work can also help strengthen the bond between parent and child by allowing your child to see exactly what it is you do all day.

Most companies will only allow children ages 8-15. This is mostly because of safety concerns. Some companies will only allow the older kids because there will be less disruption to the work day. Older kids are more adept at listening and following directions. Taking your child to work may also be more interesting to the older kids depending on your workplace and the child's interests. Taking your child to work should show your kids what it is that your company does and what makes it important. There should be activities and workshops to help all age groups understand.

Here are some reasons not to take your child to work:

  • If your child does not meet the age guidelines put in place by your company.

  • If your child is unable to listen or follow directions.

  • There are too many things your child would miss out on at their school. If your child has reports due or assemblies to attend on that day.

  • If it would be difficult for your child to catch up on any of their missed work.

  • If you think your child may actually be a disruption to your work day or any of your other co-workers.

  • If your child is not interested in what you do. They may already know about your job and not be interested in going. Don't drag your child to your workplace just because you think it is important. It will do no good for either of you.

  • If your company does not have any special activities or workshops planned to help your child understand your workplace. If your child is just expected to sit at your desk and watch it will be boring for them and distracting for you.

Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to take your child to work:

  • If your child is in the correct age group guidelines set in place by your company.

  • If your child has good listening skills and can follow directions without any problems.

  • Your child would benefit more from seeing your workplace then a regular day at school.

  • If your child can catch up on their work they missed at school easily. Some schools may even give credit for the child that does go to the workplace.

  • If you think your child would benefit from anything they may learn from going to work with you. This is especially true if your child is interested in your profession.

  • If your company has activities and workshops available to any of the children attending it would be a good idea. Children learn better with hands on experiences.

  • If you would like for your child to understand your job and obligations better and they have the maturity to understand it.

Take your child to work day, is it a good idea? It can be a good idea if your child is the correct age and is interested in what you do. If you child is too young or really doesn't care what you do all day it may be better just to wait.

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