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Taking Action Against Tardiness!

Do you have employees that are tardy to work all the time? What can you do about employee tardiness and what can you do about it? Taking action against tardiness is one of the most important things that you can do as you need to be able to see how it's hurting your company. Each year it is estimated that companies in America will end up losing about $3 Billion thanks to employee tardiness. When you have people late at least once a week, you are missing out on that extra productivity time. The truth about employee tardiness is that it can happen to a lot of people. It's not just one employee that is causing the problem.

Set a policy in place about employee tardiness to let people know that they are expected to come to work on time each day. Let them know what the consequences are for showing up to work late. You should have a tracking system in place to make sure that you are able to see when they are late. Then you can talk to them about all of the late days that they have showed up for. When you do this, people can see that you are serious about making sure that people are showing up on time. Since it can cost your company a great deal of money, you have got to be able to let them see the importance of showing up on time. People need to realize that just 5 minutes of late time will add up and before they know it, those little 5 minutes here and there will turn into an hour or more that they are being paid for and not actually working for it.

Are there repeat offenders within your company? One person that shows up late to work all the time will end up setting a poor example for everyone else. If new employees see tenured people showing up late, they will also think that it is okay for them to show up late as well. You must be able to show people that it is important that they show up on time and that they are focused on being ready to perform for you the moment they walk in the door.

You need to set the example for your staff. People learn by the people that lead them. You need to show up on time and leave late. When people see that you work hard on always making sure you are there on time, they see the importance that it has to the company. As long as you are able to really make this into a routine and the employees learn from you, they have an easy time being able to agree with the policies and they will follow them.

If you notice you have a lot of people abusing the company policies, remind them of it. Send out the policy in an email or consider sending it out to your staff members during staff meeting. Stress the importance of being on time and why people really do need to work on always showing up to work when their schedule says to.

Tardiness is something that can hurt the company if you do not combat it quickly. As a manager you do have so many different roles to handle and this is by far one of the responsibilities that you have that you really need to work on managing correctly. It will save you a lot of money and it will boost the overall productivity for your company if you can take the time to focus on making sure people are showing up to work on time.

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