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Advantages to lean manufacturing

Dealing with product recalls due to defects and issues that should be avoided in the first place you have to consider several different programs and things that you can use in order to reduce defects with your company. Lean manufacturing is one of the best programs you can use if you would like to improve your company and to have it organized and running effectively. What is lean manufacturing and how can you bring it to life in your organization.

The goal with lean manufacturing is to bring about efficiency to the entire company. You want to have everyone in the company understand what their role is and how they will be able to contribute effectively to the company and provide you with higher production and a greater morale for the company. Wasted products and wasted time are some of the common things that will be uncovered with the program known as Kaizen, which is a part of one of the lean manufacturing principles.

There are 7 causes of errors and issues that will reduce the efficiency of your business:
1. Waste due to product defects
2. Delay
3. Inventory
4. Equipment malfunctions
5. Excess production
6. Transportation problems
7. Over-processing or overwork

Understanding the 7 wastes will allow you to find a way to reduce the issues and to easily improve products along with wasted time and increasing customer satisfaction overall. Management must buy into the philosophy and then they must focus on finding a way to continually increase the quality of the products and services that are provided. Maximizing your staff and your machinery to their full potential will allow you to create better products and services. You will also be able to create a goal of providing value to each customer. There are a number of benefits to using lean manufacturing and these are just a few of the values that you will see and can greatly appreciate. Here are some of the other benefits you will be able to see and can appreciate:

Utilizing Space, Time, and Personnel
When you convert to a lean working environment you will see that everything within the company is working at it's full potential and you don't have areas of the building or equipment that are wasted. You will easily and efficiently use all the things that you need and can quickly reduce waste within the company.

Cost Reduction
As you are able to combine everything and properly use it, you will have reduction of overproduction within the company. What this means is that your costs will go down significantly and you will be able to see a larger return on your investment in the manufacturing of your products.

Quality Products
Turning to lean manufacturing will also mean that you have quality products and services. You will likely have better products because there are fewer errors, meaning you don't have product recalls and upset customers at the level of quality. Having higher quality products leads to happier customers and a stronger reputation for your company overall.

Increased Sales
With higher quality products comes the notorious word-of-mouth marketing that you need in order to have an effective company. Your sales will be able to dramatically increase as people tell their friends and others about your company and it will lead to a higher percentage of sales from new customers along with loyalty from existing customers.

There are so many other things that you will see come out of lean manufacturing and you will be satisfied with the positive results that it will provide to your company. Your employees will be happier with their jobs and you will have a productive workforce with quality products once again.

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