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Why creating a lean office in your manufacturing business is important

When most people think about the principles of lean manufacturing they focus on the production part of the process. However, it may surprise you to learn that lean manufacturing principles can be applied to the office side of any manufacturing company. Lean manufacturing not only reduces errors and focuses on quality within production but can do the same for the logistics side of your business. This means that it can help you to reduce the waste in any area of your company and get more out of your employees no matter where they work. The bottom line is that creating a lean office is a smart move that can be done quickly and efficiently. Here is why creating a lean office in your manufacturing business is important-

It can improve the efficiency-Lean manufacturing expert’s stress that you will see a vast improvement in efficiency when a lean office is created no matter the type of manufacturing business that you are running. Studies show that some offices actually see an increased efficiency rate as high as 91%. The reason for this is that by organizing your business with such little waste it allows your employees to focus on doing their jobs at higher efficiency rate, as well. This in turn helps your entire workforce to focus on teamwork and achieving common goals.
• It helps to find the waste-Waste is what slows down the efficiency and the productivity of any company. If you own a manufacturing company then you need to go through all aspects of the company and determine where the waste is coming from. The waste in your company will not only be coming from the production floor but from the office side as well. If you find that your office employees are standing around wasting time or things are simply not getting done then you need to implement lean manufacturing principles to help get the office back on track. Once you have found the waste it is much easier to focus on fixing the office and preventing waste in the future.
• It helps to save money-The office of any manufacturing company is where the financial matters are handled. If waste is occurring in the office then you are losing money. You can save a significant amount of money by implementing lean manufacturing principles. Even though the office is not “producing” in the traditional sense by using lean manufacturing in the office you will be able to cut the costs of production which will benefit the entire company.
• It helps to boost employee morale-Studies show that manufacturing companies that use lean manufacturing throughout their company have higher employee morale. When you use lean manufacturing within the office your employees will have a much easier time doing their jobs. They will be able to be more organized and know where to find the necessary tools that will help them achieve the goals of the company. Best of all, lean manufacturing helps employees better understand their job descriptions which can help them to work with more efficiency.
• It helps to improve customer satisfaction-The ultimate goal of any company is to improve the satisfaction of their customers. The reason for this is fairly simple-happy customers are returning customers. You can use the principles of lean manufacturing in order to make sure that you are focusing on what will make your customers the happiest. A lean office will allow you to turn over orders and get the product back to your customers.Best of all, a lean office allows the staff to respond to clients in a timely manner.

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