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Tips for retaining your manufacturing customers

Every business succeeds or fails on the basis of whether or not it can keep customers happy. This is especially true for manufacturing companies that must be able to supply their customers with their ordered products on a timely and prompt basis. Business experts stress that despite difficult economic conditions manufacturing businesses can still retain their customers. Even though many businesses are scaling back on what they order manufacturers can still find ways to keep their customers coming back to purchase more. Here are some tips for retaining your manufacturing customers-

- Offer incentives-Everyone is looking for a good deal. You can offer your customer incentives that will have them coming back again and again, to buy from you. These incentives can be offered in a variety of ways. They can include: offering a sample or trial run before they commit to a product. Or you can extend a product warranty for longer time period or offer a certain percentage off of the next order. The key is to find what will be of value to your customers. Studies show that customers are highly impressed when a business is confident enough to offer their products for free. Your customers will sense your confidence in the way you promote your products and are much more likely to buy them from you. Offering a price match is another great way to retain your customers. This means that no matter what price your customers find they know that you will match it. This eliminates the need for them to shop around. It is important to keep in mind that your customers are looking for the best deal. Make sure that your customers know that you will match coupons or other competitor's prices. Finally, it can be a good idea to attach a sense of urgency to your incentives (through an expiration date). When your customers know that any deal may expire they are much more likely to act on it rather then putting it off.
- Make customer service your top priority-Studies have shown that many customers will return to a business not because they have the best price but rather because they have the best service. When your customer service is an evident priority your customers will appreciate your efforts and reward you with further business. Everyone who works within the manufacturing company (no matter what their job is), should be trained to realize that customer service is the top priority. Good customer service starts by making sure that you know exactly what your customers needs are and then strive to meet them. There is perhaps no other better way to retain your customers. In addition, guaranteeing your products and services is another great way to provide customer service. Your customers will feel a lot more confident buying from you if they know that you are willing to stand behind your products. Finally, make sure that all of your marketing materials reflect your product guarantee.
- Get feedback from your customers-Many businesses assume that if they are making sales then everything is right with what they are doing. You should never assume that your customers are happy. You need to always be getting feedback from them concerning their needs, wants, and even buying habits. This is the best way to make sure that your manufacturing company is prepared to keep your customers happy. Business owners who fail to do this can suddenly find themselves going out of business. You can get feedback in a number of ways such as: sending out email surveys, having customer comment cards available, or even conducting interviews with your customers.

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