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How to implement continuous quality control improvement

You may have heard about new business and manufacturing techniques that are streamlining processes and creating surprising success in the business world. One of these methods is lean manufacturing, which seeks to eliminate waste while improving quality. The primary purpose of lean manufacturing is to eliminate all cost that does not create value for the customer. Value to the customer can be based on abstract things such as expectations or something more concrete like an actual change in the product itself. By systematically going through the production and distribution process in order to cut waste, lean manufacturing produces efficient and highly profitable businesses.

One of the most important parts of this new wave of change in business is continuous quality control improvement. Continuous quality control is a process that seeks to find specific areas on which to focus and improve. This could be anything such as the way the product is packaged, delivered, marketed, or manufactured. The goal is to create a seamless, streamlined production process without any waste. One thing that many people find difficult is constant quality control improvement. They think it will be exhausting or impossible to keep monitoring the process and to make improvements.

With the right attitude you will find that continuous quality control makes your job easier. The entire production process becomes simpler and much more cost effective. As a business person you have probably found that much of your time consists of trying to fix problems. A business that constantly monitors its quality is one that continuously saves money and turns the value over to customer. If you are not practicing this sort of quality improvement all the time in your business you are not progressing as a business.

To implement coninuous quality control you need two do four things all the time in your business and in all parts of your business. First, look for areas that can be improved. Sit down with employees and ask them about their suggestions and observations. Create a definite plan to fix the problem or to make a process better. Second, implement your plan, but only on a small scale. You don't want to spend hundreds of hours and lots of money making changes that do not work. Third, observe how the small changes have affected your business. Fourth, implement the changes on a larger scale. However, this is not all because you need to keep this process going continuously. As soon as things start to slow down you need think about new projects and about how you will implement them.

Following these basic steps you will find that your business rapidly improves. You will start to see amazing changes and your employees with appreciate the improvements. In many cases continuous quality control improvements will make their jobs much easier. With less waste comes less work. Many workers are not challenged in today's workforce, with the result that they often become bored. Continuous quality control will challenge them and keep them interested in the process. When they know that you will listen to their suggestions they will feel like they have a stake in the company. They will be more motivated to work hard and to think about the company.

As you can see, there is little risk but potentially great benefits to continuous quality control improvement. It will take some time and a little getting used to the process but you will quickly find yourself liking it. Don't give up easily at first; after a while constantly monitoring quality you will have made enough money to justify the change.

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