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The value of flexible system manufacturing

mencommunicating19220419.jpgIf you have implemented lean manufacturing intoyour company, you have most likely adopted flexible system manufacturing. Flexible system manufacturing helps you to get more use out of your equipment. You no longer need to have one machine for one job as each machine will serve multiple purposes within the organization. The equipment can be changed by hand to make one part and then changed to make a completely different part. By doing this, you are using flexible system manufacturing. Most companies have a complete automated system as computers control the entire thing, making it easier and more efficient for your company.

Flexible system manufacturing is to be used quickly as you need to change the speed of your manufacturing lines in a hurry if you are to adjust for an influx of sales or changing market conditions. Some companies alter their equipment in order to get it to make more than one product where others will simply take the time to buy the right type of equipment in the first place in order to provide a better output for your manufacturing plant in the first place.

If you need to go out and buy new equipment, doesn't negate the purpose of lean manufacturing, which is to save money? While you need to spend money to make money, buying equipment that serves multiple purposes is ideal for your company because it will help to reduce expenses. You will reduce expenses because you only have one machine that is doing multiple jobs. In the past, you probably needed 2-3 machines to make the products that one machine can easily pump out in half that time.

The start-up costs initially will be higher but they will pay themselves off in a timely manner. Companies that produce automobiles commonly use flexible manufacturing because with a small adjustment they can easily create products for 2-3 different vehicles that they are producing. The switchover is simple to do and it will take just a few moments for the machine to make the change and start producing a completely different product.

Still don't see the value in flexible system manufacturing? Here's an impressive statistic for you to dwell on, in 2004 Ford Motor Company released a report pertaining to flexible system manufacturing and how it has aided their company to produce better products and services. How much money did Ford Motor Company save? They added up the costs and found that they saved over $2.5 billion once they implemented flexible system manufacturing at about 5 different facilities. Smaller organizations aren't just saving thousands of dollars, many of them are saving millions of dollars.

Like any system you will have some initial adjustments to make but with the right type of equipment and employees that are willing to make adjustments, it will be easy for your company to forge ahead with the new manufacturing system. The only problem you will face is when you get customers that want custom orders. You need to set a limit on how many custom orders you are willing to take on in order to get the right response from your customers and to actually make a profit on the custom orders.

Improving efficiency is the main aspect of using flexible system manufacturing. When you make the switchover you do need to take a look at your products in order to make sure they don't have any defects. This can be common in the beginning as you are getting used to the new system and the manufacturing equipment is learning the changes and understands what it needs to change. Overall flexible system manufacturing is one of the best systems to implement, especially if your overhead costs are incredibly high.

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