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Implementing a flexible manufacturing process

With all the various programs out there, it can be tough to find one that will help you to keep your lines of production flowing properly. Using a flexible manufacturing line is a great way to adjust the process so you can see multiple products produced and to have timely deliveries to your customers. There are some manufacturing plants that use a single-line process where only one product is created at a time where the flexible manufacturing process comes down to moving or reconfiguring the process so you can create several products on the same line. Changes occur that may not be anticipated or you could have some that occur due to design. This way you can satisfy all the needs that the company has with just a few simple changes in the configuration.

How does the flexibility work exactly? There are 2 types of flexibility that are used in order to satisfy the production needs that you have. One is to have machine flexibility and the other is to have routing flexibility. What does this mean exactly? You have re-configurations that need to occur throughout the process in order to provide the products to the customers and meet their demands. The machines need to be flexible enough in order to create different end-effectors. These effectors will be responsible for making the different parts, allowing you to create multiple products on the same line.

One of the most common flexible manufacturing processes that is known is when a company has the same product but it comes in multiple sizes. You won't need to change anything at all, you just need to reconfigure the line so the robotics can make the different parts and send them out. If you have to create additional parts because they were not properly constructed on the assembly line, this is when you can take care of it.

A flexible manufacturing system has multiple robotic arms and devices that work together. To change the system you will need a set of new controls that need to be entered and then you can move the arms to have the correct parts to manufacture a different aspect on the assembly line. Robotic devices are controlled by the cell controller, where all of the load balancing will take place and the overall coordination of the assembly line works.

The cell also controls the grouping of the products. This too helps with the layout and allows for proper coordination of your manufacturing and assembly line. The goal is to not only create products in a timely manner but to ensure all the parts are where they need to go, leaving less room for product defects and less human intervention.

Now that flexible manufacturing is such a popular method, it is common to purchase machines that allow for the multiple outlets. You have machines that come with dual capabilities and will be able to create the products in different sizes and other things. This way you do not need to increase manpower and other things in order to focus on the production. Parallel lines of production were used in the past to help with flexible manufacturing where now you have a single machine that can do it all for you. Your only changes that need to occur include the controller devices. This makes your life much easier and will help you with production capabilities. For flexible manufacturing systems to work correctly there are 3 main components to it:
1. Production line
2. Cell controllers
3. Auxiliary devices

When properly implemented most companies will be able to see lower direct labor costs as well as a significant reduction in waste as you won't have as many raw materials to worry about.

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