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The benefits of lean manufacturing

More and more manufacturing companies are seeing the benefits of implementing lean manufacturing. With is emphasis on waste reduction and removal of unnecessary processes manufacturers who use lean manufacturing are improving their entire production process. In addition, lean manufacturing benefits the customers of these manufacturing companies, as well. Customers end up with a high quality product that is made for a reduced cost. Employees also benefit when their employer uses lean manufacturing. They are the recipients of the incentives that are provided when the workflow is made more efficient within the company. This is just a few of the benefits that lean manufacturing brings about. Here are some more-

- It helps to find problems when they are small-Lean manufacturing is designed to find problems when they are small and easy to deal with. When the process is implemented it will show defects in the production process and help to devise solutions for them. The bottom line is that lean manufacturing will remove anything that doesn't add value to the product, business, or help to meet the customer's needs. This can often help manufacturing companies gain a distinct advantage over their competitors.
- It helps to improve the communication between all departments within the manufacturing business-One of the problems in maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow is the lack of communication between departments. Lean manufacturing can actually help to improve the communication which in turn will improve the production process. When lean manufacturing is implemented it focuses on keeping everyone in the supply chain informed. This in turn leads to everyone working for the same end result rather then just focusing on their own job description.
- It helps to eliminate waste-One of the biggest problems in production is duplicate orders. When lean manufacturing is implemented it reduces the chance of wasting both time and money and creating frustration by reducing the production of duplicate orders. Because the supply chain is made up of so many parts it can seriously affect your bottom line if waste is constantly happening. All of the different areas of the supply chain including but not limited to: transportation, machine set up, inventory management, quality consistency and inspection and material handling need to be examined to find areas where waste is occurring and then have it eliminated.
- It helps to prevent underutilization-Both machines and employees can be underutilized in the production process. This is also a waste of time and money in the production process. Lean manufacturing helps to determine the optimal amount that both machinery and employees should be working. Once you implement lean manufacturing you no longer have to worry about employees standing around or machines being down which costs you both time and money. You will have the optimum amount of raw material flowing through the door and the optimal amount of finished inventory going back out.
- It helps to reduce the cost of production-Lean manufacturing eliminates the waste that is costing your manufacturing company money. Because of this you can make your products for a better price while still maintaining high quality. Both of these elements will play heavily in making and keeping your customers happy. In addition, many manufacturers find that that with the right cash flow management they are better able to expand and develop their business which results in more profits.
- It helps to reduce cycle time-Mistakes and problems in the production process take time. When you implement lean manufacturing you are reducing the obstacles that can slow up production. This means that you make your customers orders faster and more efficiently. This not only reduces the amount of frustration on the part of your employees but makes your customers happier, as well.

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