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Learning How Lean Manufacturing Differs From Six Sigma

When it comes to manufacturing you have to look at every possible solution to help you improve productivity and to find a way to improve your products to keep your customers happy. Having a smart system in place is one of the best ways in which you can improve your process and to create a company that people want to work for. There are several programs used to help improve manufacturing. A couple of the programs commonly used are lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. Both are popular programs as they help to reduce waste and can improve the manufacturing process as well.

Using lean manufacturing is a great way to manage your costs. You can increase the productivity for the company and reduce waste, but it is generally a system that companies will use in just about any industry. This is because it is easy to adjust and adapt for any company and it's very simple to use. Lean manufacturing helps you to understand your inventory and if you should keep inventory or not. Lean manufacturing is also useful in creating a flexible system for the organization, which can help you to improve your results.

What are your goals for the manufacturing process? Understanding your goals also help you to choose the right program for your company. If you are focused more on increasing the turnover form your machines and reducing costs, you need to look into lean manufacturing. Lean will help you to achieve a certain output but you need to set goals for all of the different departments. Six Sigma is a way to measure the quality of your products. It is another program that is beneficial to work with as the goal is to help the entire company become better. Each person within the company will have a role to play and will be responsible for improving different areas of the company. As you all work together, you can create better products and services and keep your costs low. Reducing the waste is one of the best things you can do in order to have an effective company.

As you look into lean manufacturing more, you will understand there is a 5 step process that will be able to help you create a successful company. The goal with lean is to continually improve the company and to help it get better for the future. Six Sigma can use 2 different models to help you understand how to make your company successful. You have the DMAIC model and the DMADV model. Both of these are going to give you benefits in helping to improve the company and to make the right type of improvements you need to have to create better products and services for the company. Six Sigma involves a lot of training and you often need to hire an outsourcing company to come in and help you to create the program. Usually you will need to train your employees on several different things and they are all in charge of different implementation and follow-up procedures. Six Sigma also involves using value stream mapping and other things in order to help you keep the process running correctly and smoothly.

With lean manufacturing you will be able to see some great improvements with the waste reduction for your company and to finally have a strong system in place. With Six Sigma you will see a significant cost reduction and you will also find that your delivery system is stronger. The goal is to create rapid product development and move the products as quickly as possible to your customers.

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