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How To Get Ready For 5 S Implementation

When you are working on creating a solid manufacturing plant, there are many different things that you need to consider. You need to be able to consider looking into the issues that are related to your organization from product defects to employee morale issues. These issues need to be easy to identify so that you can select a program that will work effectively at reducing issues to waste and other concerns. The 5S method is one of the most popular because of how easy it is to implement but also due to how it has a positive impact on the company.

Proper implementation of the 5S method will come down to having a raise in employee morale along with an increase in overall productivity and customer satisfaction levels. When you are dealing with any type of implementation of a new product you need to be able to look at some important characteristics like how management approaches the program. Management needs to be able to deal with the program in teaching your employees about what to do with the program and they need to see that management is behind the program. Management needs to be able to support the program for it to work.

The 5S method is something that you need to be educated about. It is a good idea to consider attending training seminars and other things as this can help you to learn about different implementation methods and will also give you assistance in how to pitch it to your company. When you approach the program in the right way, people are not as resistant to it.

The biggest thing to remember when you are dealing with 5S is being able to handle the problems that are related to your employee's personalities and resistance to the program. Employees always have resistance to change. They have a hard time being able to understand it and how it works and they want to be able to know that it can work but they need to see that it can work in the right way where it's not going to have a big impact on their job. Explain to them how the program is going to work and how it can save the company money, which will end up coming back to the employees in their paychecks.

A great way to help your employees to be able to understand the program is by having it implemented through teams. Teamwork is a great way to help you understand how everyone can work together to make the program successful. What can employees do that can contribute? Give them a chance to come up with their own ideas and other things as this will be able to make it much easier on them to focus on creating an effective program.

For the 5S method to work, everyone needs to be able to pull their own weight. You all need to be able to sustain the parts that you are responsible for and to have everyone on the team be in charge of certain workstations and other things. Hold meetings so you can have everyone in charge of different areas of the 5S program. When you have the program implemented in the proper way and you have it focused on continual improvements it will start to show progress. Patience is the key to being successful with 5S as you need to focus on giving the program time to work. It is not something that will happen overnight, it will take time and substantial effort on your part to work as everyone at the company needs to stay focused on the program and making it a success.

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