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What Does Lean Mean To Your Customers?

There are a number of programs used to add value to the company but one of the most popular programs that you may have heard of is lean manufacturing. What is lean manufacturing and why do a number of companies outside of the manufacturing industry use it? Lean manufacturing is a process that focuses on finding ways to add value to your company and to eliminate wastes from the organization.

When it comes to implementing lean manufacturing for your company you will need to look at how it can benefit your customers. Lean manufacturing is one of the best programs to use if you would like to have happier customers. The reason for this is because lean is considered a value-adding program. Customers will perceive your products to have a particular value on them. If you do not meet their quality standards, you have to re-evaluate what is going wrong and what you can do better. Customer surveys are a great way to learn about the perceptions of your customers and will aid in helping you to figure out how much the customers are willing to pay for your products. When you use lean, you will eliminate the issues that most customers seem to have which often results around things like the quality of your products or the delays in getting the products delivered to them in a timely manner.

Out of all the manufacturing processes that work well, lean is one of the programs that does focus a lot on giving your customers what they want when they want it. Creating a customer-centric company is beneficial in a number of ways. They will feel more loyalty toward your company and will have an easier time supporting you and possibly referring your company to their friends and others. From a marketing and sales perspective, lean is one of the greatest programs out there to use. It will boost your market presence as people start talking about the company and do become loyal to it.

Not only will you see a number of benefits to lean with your customer's sake but it also impacts your employees as well. They will be able to have a higher job performance to meet and have an easier time being able to solve problems on their own and reducing their stress level at work. The employees can identify what manufacturing waste is and they will be able to eliminate it before it costs the company too much money or leads to a line of errors that frustrate the customers and the bottom line.

With the right implementation of lean manufacturing it is possible for you to see the company focused on bringing about a stronger bottom line. Your staff members will have greater job performance and everyone will be focused on how to eliminate waste. When you do implement lean you will end up looking at 8 different areas that need to be evaluated and waste needs to be eliminated. These 8 areas include the following:
1. Inventory
2. Overproduction or underproduction
3. Product defects
4. Waiting time
5. Processing time
6. Employees that are wasting time or not be utilized properly
7. Motion
8. Transportation

When dealing with any manufacturing process you need to focus on solutions for problems. Fixing and eliminating the problems so they will not occur again is vital to the success of your company. Selecting strong leaders will be able to help you in finding the right type of success with lean. Leaders need to be positive and need to be focused on clear communication and implementation of lean for the employees to understand their roles.

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