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Creating sustainable marketing

A sustainable marketing plan is one that works and runs itself when you do not have the time or resources to devote hours and hours to it. It is a marketing plan that helps you achieve the sales results you want, while also helping your customers needs be met, and exceeded. The following are five of the key elements in a sustainable marketing plan.

1. Customer communication- The companies that tend to do the best, and have the most notable results when it comes to sales and marketing keep open lines of communication with their consumers, and are constantly and consistently evolving to meet the ever changing needs of customers. Look at the company "Walk-man" they developed an amazing product for their time, giving people the opportunity to take music with them in a portable way. However, the needs of customers changed, and soon people wanted more than just one album to take with them, they wanted their whole music library. Apple stepped in to fill this need. And they continued to streamline their product, where now, the device used to carry your music library also makes phone calls, allows you to email, video chat, play games, keep track of your calendar, etc. The point is, customer needs change, and staying in communication with customers helps you anticipate these changes, and adapt your products so that you do not become obsolete like Walk-man.
2. Superior product- The next step is simply creating a superior product at a similar price point. Money matters, but value tends to matter more to most customers. Make sure as you market your product that you are honest about the quality, and continually look for ways to improve the quality without raising the price.
3. Convenience- We live in a world of fast food and instant messaging. People want instant, people want convenient. Help your product add to the convenience of their life, not detract from it, and it will help you to sell itself.
4. Adding congruent value to the lives of your consumers- As you improve your products, make sure they are improvements that your customers want. Where do they need more value? That is where you should be adding it.
5. Being trustworthy and transparent- Last, make sure that you are a company people want to do business with. These days the brand matters as much as the product. People want to know that their money is doing good, and going to deserving people.

Creating a sustainable marketing approach means not just following the marketing fads, or using one technique or another, but really creating a brand, product, and service that speaks to the needs of the customer, and helps them feel valued, so that they will value you as well. It is creating an infrastructure that supports your stance, and continually confirms who you are, what you have to offer, and the quality of product or service you offer.

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