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How to design effective mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has moved to the forefront of business promotion. More and more businesses are using it to market to their customers on the go. The popularity of mobile marketing continues to grow due in large part to the continued popularity of cell phones and other handheld devices. Businesses find that they can contact their customers in real time and offer them marketing which prompts them to act. However, there are certain considerations that should be considered during the planning process that will help you make your mobile marketing more effective. This will also help you to make sure that your mobile marketing is cost effective. When you take these factors into account it will determine how successful your mobile marketing ends up being. Here is what you need to know about how to design effective mobile marketing-

- Is your website mobile friendly? You will first need to check and make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Keep in mind that your customers who will be using your mobile marketing will have much slower load times. This is important to consider because you don't want to have any media files that are extremely large and slow to load. Your customers who will be receiving mobile marketing will want easy to access information that is clear and concise. If your website is not mobile friendly then its time to either make that way or create one that is.
- What channel partners do you have? A channel partner is another page on the internet where you can post additional information. You should also assess these channel pages in terms of how mobile friendly they are, as well. You may need to make changes or adjustments so that you can use them in your mobile marketing campaign. If you prepare these appropriately your mobile marketing will go much smoother and be much more effective.
- What can you use to create your brand? You should consider if there are other items in your current marketing campaign that can bolster your brand and make your mobile marketing more effective. If you have a logo, mascot, theme, or something else that is easily distinguishable (and also without a lot of text), these items can help you brand your business through mobile marketing. Keep in mind that in order to make your mobile marketing work you will also need to purchase a dedicated short code or you will have to share one.
- What social networking do you do? Business owners should realize that there is a direct link between social networking and mobile marketing. If you plan carefully you can use your social media network marketing as a way to introduce your customers to your mobile marketing efforts. This way your customers can opt in for updates and other text message alerts that they will receive through their phone or other handheld devices. Studies have shown that those consumers who are active in social media network marketing will also use mobile marketing.
- Consider real world factors to include in mobile marketing-Business owners should also realize that mobile marketing is a great way to communicate with their customers about real world events and ads that are happening in real time. Because of the lack of lag time in mobile marketing you can alert your customers to promotions and other special events that they can attend right away. Finally, it is important to include a coupon code or some other identifier with your mobile marketing so that you can be sure that you are getting a high enough return on it in order to justify the cost.

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