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Marketing tactics that improve sales

Every business owners is always looking for ways to boost sales. While the connection between marketing and sales is fairly direct it is important to understand that certain marketing tactics work better then others to drive sales. Without a healthy and growing rate of sales you may find that you are shutting your doors and taking down your website.While you should certainly use marketing in order to educate your customer or offer them something of value the end result of your marketing needs to be a sale. Knowing which marketing tactics work best for generating sales can help you to design a marketing mix that is highly effective. Here are some marketing tactics that improve sales-

- Get referrals and recommendations-One of the most often overlooked marketing tools that every business has is their existing customer base. Your customers can actually help you boost sales far beyond the just the products and services that they are purchasing from you. When your customers are happy with your service you can ask them to provide referrals and recommendations for your business. The best time to do this is right after they have a made a purchase. Studies show that today consumers are far more likely to listen to and believe other customers rather then sales people. This makes it crucial that you get referrals and recommendations whenever you can.
- Offer a free promotion-Everyone likes something for free. This makes offering a free promotion a highly effective marketing tactic. However, many business owners are reluctant to do this because of the cost that is involved. It is important to keep in mind that there are ways to do this that will not cost your business to much. Many businesses use their "dead" inventory as a free promotion. This allows you to pair together a product that is currently moving with something that is not. However, your customers will be so enchanted with the idea of getting something for free that they won't even notice. When you do this your customers will feel like they are getting more for their money and you will be able to earn back some of the money that you have invested in your inventory.
- Be where your customers' are-It is much more difficult for your customers to refuse your product when it is right in front of them. While your marketing may be highly effective keep in mind that your customers can shut off their computer or close their magazine and walk away. However, if they are holding your product or learning about your service face to face it can be much more difficult for them to turn down an offer to buy. Because of this you want to make sure that you are where your customers are. Whether it is a display booth at a special event or attending a trade show you want your customers to be able to get up close and personal with whatever your business has to offer them. It will make it much harder for them to walk away and it will generate more sales for your business.
- Find your niche market-Many times the niche markets are full of people that are not marketed to. When you find that your product or service has a niche market it can pay off big to make sure that you are marketing to them. Keep in mind that these are often the people that are passed by with big marketing strategies. Developing a niche market strategy can be a highly effective way to generate sales from a segment of consumers that you never thought of before.

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