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How to market your small business

Many small business owners despair of ever being able to market effectively. They feel that since they have a small marketing budget that they will be unable to market successfully against their larger competitors. However, the reality is that there are many different ways that small businesses can market effectively without completely blowing their marketing budget. Savvy small business owners understand that the key to marketing success is not marketing larger but smarter. By using some or all of these low cost marketing methods you can market for your small business and be successful at it. Here is what you need to know about how to market your small business-

- Send out postcards-It has been shown that postcards work very effectively for marketing. Small businesses should consider utilizing this type of marketing due to the low cost and high return on investment. Studies have shown that consumers will stop to read a postcard more then any other type of direct mail. Small businesses that use postcards will need to make sure that their message is concise and easy to read in order to generate a high return on the investment of their marketing dollars.
- Use co-op marketing-Many times small businesses simply do not have the resources they need in order to generate the marketing results that they want. This is where co-op marketing can help. Small businesses can join up and pool their resources for larger marketing efforts. Keep in mind that co-op marketing can be anything from a mutual agreement to include each other's business cards in outgoing mail to coming together to fund a special event or even a TV or print ad. This allows each business to not only have access to marketing they wouldn't have by themselves but it also provides access to a whole new segment of consumers.
- Utilize the phone-Many times' small business owners overlook how instrumental the phone could be in their marketing efforts. Every small business owner should train their employees to answer the phone in a way that promotes what they are doing. Whether it is letting your callers know about a special promotion or a new product this can be a free and highly effective way to market what your business is doing. Keep in mind however that you will need to make sure that this is clear, concise, and easily understood as to not drive away potential customers.
- Offer the best in customer service-One of the easiest and lowest cost ways to market your small business is to provide the best in customer service. Many small business owners are surprised to learn that they can gain more of market share from their competition simply by offering better customer service. Keep in mind that studies show that many consumers will return to purchase again from a business simply because of the level of service that they received. This is true even if the price of the item is not the lowest in the market.
- Get online to market-There is no more cost effective way to market then by going online. Businesses of every type and size can set up an online presence for very little or even no cost. This allows even the smallest businesses to be able to market effectively right next to their larger competition. Keep in mind that there are many different types of online marketing such as: websites, business blogs, social media networking, email and text, and mobile marketing. Each small business owner will need to determine the type(s) of online marketing that will work best for his or her business.

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