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Congruence in business

If you really want to be happy, valuable, and successful in business, then you need to seek congruence. What does this mean? Consider the following:

1. Do things you love- When you are working in an industry or field that you are interested in, that you are passionate about, and that you love, you will always find a way to improve, and enjoy it. You will add value, and it will provide value to you. Do not just get a job, get a lifestyle. Find a place you want to live, and things you want to spend your life doing, as that is what work is, a huge part of your life. Then build your career around that.

2. Do not approach projects with a hidden agenda- If you really want to find congruence in business, do things for the right reasons. It is not wise to choose a project because it will look good on your resume or because you know it will impress someone. You should do things you love, choose projects you are passionate about, and to them for the right reasons, otherwise they will begin to feel tedious, and like work.

3. Add congruent value in one area of business, and get noticed in others. Other employers will want you to do the same for them.In other words, you will be far more successful in business, even if you fail at your ventures, if you can add value in one area. It will get you noticed by the leaders of the industry, by people who might be valuable mentors, etc. But this only happens when you do things you really believe in.

4. You fill their needs, and the rest does not matter as much- Your resume is not going to matter nearly as much. In other words, When you look for a job, or seek a partner, the goal should not be to show a resume full of degrees, awards, and accomplishments. The goal should be to provide the person or company with the value they need, whether that is a degree or not is up to them, but it might just be someone who understands people, or is great at leading, etc. Your experience does not matter as much as whether or not you are a good fit.

5. Align your employers needs with the value you can add. In other words, figure out what it is that they need, and show them how you can fill that need with the skills and value you can add.

6. Be what your business needs, and add extra value as your needs change. These days businesses do not always work the way they used to. You do not have one person wearing one hat, and that is their only job for the next 30 years, everyone seems to be team players, wearing many hats. Be sure that your skill set and values change and grow as the needs of the company change and grow.

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