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How to adapt traditional marketing to fit your business' needs

If you are a business owner it is important to understand that there is a standard formula when it comes to traditional marketing. However, more and more business owners are seeing that the traditional methods of marketing are not always effective in today's ever changing markets. Savvy business owners will take traditional marketing methods and adapt them to work for their business needs. Business owners should not overlook this step since today's successful marketing focuses more on the interaction between the business and its target market. Here is what you need to know about how to adapt traditional marketing to fit your business' needs-

- Know the steps of traditional marketing-The first thing that every business owner should do is to learn the all of the parts of traditional marketing. When you have a clear idea of what traditional marketing entails you will be able to better adapt it to fit your business' marketing needs. Traditional marketing is typically made up of six different parts. These parts include:
1. Defining what you will sell-You will need to know what it is that you will be selling. Will you be selling a product or a service?
2. Define your target market-Who will you be selling to? What information do you need to know in order to market to them?
3. Define the segments within the target market-There will be subsets within the target market. These segments are identified for development of a marketing message.
4. Define your message-This is the step that entails designing the marketing message.
5. Define the marketing method-This is when the determination is made to use print, online, direct mail, TV, or radio marketing.
6. Message is sent to customers-At this step the marketing message is sent to the customer in a hope to promote sales.
- Know the appropriate adaptation to make-Today, savvy business owners know that they will need to adapt the above listed steps in order to effectively market to their customers. Successful businesses are the ones that know what their customers are looking for and present their business and what it offers as the solution to their want or need. Some adaptations include but are not limited to:
1. Knowing the customer's interests-Keep in mind that your customers will be looking to do business with a company that not only meets their needs but helps them to achieve their goals. This can often be done with the use of cause marketing. Cause marketing can help your customers to better identify with your business. They will feel inspired to get behind what you offer since you are showing your customers that what is important to them is also important to you.
2. Knowing that your customer want value-When you show your customers that you offer value in your products or services you are marketing to them in a more authentic way. Today's consumers are looking to spend their hard earned money only on goods that provide value to them. When you show your customers that their value is your top priority you will gain a long term following that will make your business a success.
3. Knowing what is important to your customers-Today's customers value their time as much as their money. When you can market your products or services in a manner that shows your customers that you are not wasting their time they will respond positively.Keep in mind that your products and services will also have to be convenient for your customers, as well. It is highly effective marketing to under promise and over deliver. Have open and honest communication with your customers and they will repay you by becoming a loyal customer base.

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