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Marketing plan outline

A good marketing plan starts with a good marketing plan outline. If it contains the right elements, and you take time to do the research, and evaluate your needs, you will find your marketing to be far more successful. When creating a marketing plan, consider the following seven elements in your outline:

1. Purpose- The first thing you want to do is define your purpose, as it will help you clearly set the direction for your business, and help you create goals and objectives that help you get there.The point of defining the purpose is to create a marketing plan whose elements help you achieve that purpose.

2. Research- This is where you perform a SWOT and create the foundation for your marketing plan, knowing what your customers want and need, who your target markets are and how those markets are segmented, and who your competitors are. You need to determine what your competitive advantages are, and what your competitors weaknesses are. This is going to help you create a marketing plan that capitalizes on both.

3. Analyze- Look at the results your research turned up, and look for growth opportunities, and trends that might allow you to improve the customer's experience. In other words, are their any opportunities you can take advantage of? Are there any areas where you could improve where you customers feel you are lacking, or where you competition is excelling?

4. Implement- Apply what you learned and start to develop a sales plan and marketing strategy. Define your unique attributes that set you apart from your competitors. This is where you take all of the research and analysis and put together a plan that takes into account what you learned, and makes the most of your strengths, and minimizes your weaknesses.

5. Strategize- Learn to use the various digital media, and social media options to engage customers, and develop a plan to outline budgets, timelines, resources needed, and ROI. This often takes time and resources to learn, but utilizing the most popular, and best methods for reaching your customers, and learning how to evaluate them for profitability will increase your market growth.

6. Execute - Put it into practice.Now you have to put your marketing plan into practice and remember it is a real-time plan that can be changed as needed to meet the changes in the marketplace. This will help you to stay current and be able to stay relevant in the ever changing marketplace that is today's world.

7. Evaluate- Define the metrics you will use to evaluate the strategies you came up with, and improve the results of your marketing by figuring out what is working, and what is not. This is something that might take tweaking and a few times around, but once you figure it out, you will be able to clearly see what you are doing right, and how you can continue to grow your market share.

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