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Outbound marketing strategies

Creating a marketing plan for your company requires that you cover every relative aspect. In order to be successful in your marketing efforts, a comprehensive marketing plan is needed. The following is a look at what outbound marketing includes, in order to help you create a more comprehensive marketing plan for your business:

  1. Advertising and promotions (focused on the product)- An advertising and promotions campaign should be designed to speak to your audience or target market on their level, and to capitalize on your company's strengths. A competitive analysis, as well as a self-analysis are useful tools for creating a successful advertising and promotion campaign as they can help you see where you are strongest and where you are weakest, in order to keep the focus on your good aspects. They can also show you where your competitors are surpassing you, and where there is opportunity for you to surpass them. Your marketing strategy for advertising and promotions should be a recipe that involves mixing your competitive advantages with the current market opportunities, and then present this in a way that appeals to your target market.

  2. Sales- Your sales staff is a huge part of your marketing strategy. They are the first line of defense in case your competition comes out with something that threatens your market share. They interact daily with your customers, and have the opportunity to present a good face for your company, as well as gain information from customers about their cares, concerns, etc.
  3. Public and media relations (focused on the entire organization)- This is not something that can be ignored in your marketing strategy. How the media and public perceive your company can hurt or help your marketing efforts. Having a PR plan, and making good media contacts, creating events that will benefit the community, and including press releases and news in your marketing plan is essential to success.
  4. Customer service- While it is true that good product is crucial to the success of a company, customer service is even more important. Great customer service can turn a consumer that was less than satisfied with the product into an avid supporter. An outbound marketing strategy must include superior customer service and a plan to handle any customer problems in a prompt and courteous manner.

  5. Customer satisfaction- A happy customer is a customer that returns to you. A satisfied customer talks to their friends. Customer satisfaction should be at the heart of your outbound marketing strategy as it will help result in more customers, and more consumer loyalty than any other effort you can make. Do what it takes to assure customer satisfaction. Social Media is a great tool for this, as it can get you on the level with your consumers so as to communicate directly with them and be able to address any concerns or problems they may have.

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