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Great email marketing tips

Would you like to send out emails to your customers to promote new products and other things? Creating a good email marketing campaign will take a large variety of skill. When you are dealing with marketing you need to be very careful in the way you send the emails as you don't want to spam people. Sending out too many emails causes a headache and an annoyance for many people and it can have the opposite effect on your marketing campaign. Instead of providing you with customers it could get your email sent to a JUNK folder and then a lot of people talking poorly about your company. This is why you really need to find that perfect balance in email marketing and to take the time to find the right type of information to send out and to satisfy your customers needs.

Email has been around for a long time now and many companies will turn to it in order to let their customers hear about new products and services. The great thing about email marketing is that it is incredibly cost effective. Besides your time, you won't pay anything to get the email out to your customers. If you do it yourself it's affordable but it can still be cost effective if you hire it out to another company.

There are 3 basic types of email marketing. Here is a little insight into the different email marketing methods so you can understand them a little bit better:

  • Direct Marketing - this is a very common type as emails are sent out to people that want to be on your email list. These individuals want to receive information about your company so they will voluntarily give you their email address with the home that they will get quality emails from you.

  • Retention Marketing - to keep your customers interested in your products and services you need to send out emails to them often enough to remind them that you are still here. Retention marketing is a great way to keep those customers coming back for more but you have to promote your product in a way that you will be able to provide value to the customers.

  • Indirect Marketing - this type of email marketing consists of using email lists to send out emails to potential customers. These type of emails can pay off but they can also cause a lot of wasted emails to arise as you cannot be sure the individual wants to receive your email.

An email that you send out to your customers must be readable and it needs to have a call to action. You need to grab the attention of the customers almost immediately in order to let the customer learn about whatever it is you are promoting. You have to target specific groups and get the information out there that you want to say. Make sure the content is readable and that you don't jump all over as it will confuse your customers.

Look at the way the template is designed so that you don't spam the customer. If it looks anything similar to Spam your customers will not read it and their email filters will automatically filter it out. Send emails on Mondays and avoid sending them on a holiday or near a holiday vacation time frame as people won't be able to read them. Monitor your email deliveries and make sure that you aren't sending them too frequently. Only send them when you do have something valuable to offer the customers. If your customers send you back a response, be sure to get back to them in about 24 hours or less. You don't want to make them wait a long time for a response as they do want to hear back from you immediately.

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