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HitWise Marketing tool

If you are looking for some quality marketing tools to help you with web competitive intelligence, HitWise is a great option. It can help you gather information about your consumers and their online habits, as well as information about your competition. The information provided will help you have a better understanding of the market segment you are trying to reach, their habits, and help you create a user friendly, website that encourages conversion from browsing to buying. Here's what you should know about HitWise:

The sample size HitWise uses is much larger than most of the web competitive intelligence tools. Larger sample sizes means better, more accurate information. Other great web intelligence gathering tools include companies like ComScore, but the panel they use is all voluntary, those who are willing to allow ComScore to monitor their use in exchange for something (virus protection, etc.), as a result, ComScore gets deeper information, and personal information, but their scope is limited, as some people don't trust them to have the information they may be collecting (i.e. things like credit card numbers, passwords, etc.). HitWise uses a different method, giving them a larger pool to draw from.

The capture mechanisms they use allow them to get a larger, more diverse pool of people to collect data from. Again, this gives you a better overall idea of your consumer's needs. They do not access private data, but the way they collect means that no one can avoid HitWise collecting data from them, where as if you use a tool like ComScore, your panel is only those people who allow ComScore to monitor them in exchange for something like virus protection.

HitWise has deep and rich search traffic data. They are able to see actual information about the demographic, lifestyle and habits of the people who they are monitoring. This data is much better than self reporting data, and will provide you with more accurate results than if you go with another service.

HitWise is great for those looking for self-service as they have more on-demand reporting available through their web access interface. This allows you to get the information you want, when you want it.On demand reporting allows you to work on your marketing campaign instantly, and make adjustments whenever you feel the need.

Having access to a credible source of consumer information and traffic is an incredible marketing tool. It allows you to better assess how your customers are using the internet, and how you can use that to your advantage to be able to sell more, and do more online. It will help you correct any flaws in your existing plan, and find opportunities for capitalizing on the things you do well. In other words, the more you know, the better prepared your marketing plan can be, and HitWise helps you stay in the know with market trends, accurate metrics, a large pool to garner information from, and simple to use service.

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