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Mobile Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of any marketing campaign. Ten years ago, it was hardly a consideration, but today it is the biggest consideration for most companies. In addition to your basic SEO, learning how to target mobile users is important as well. In order to do this appropriately, one must understand the trends and statistics that have to do with mobile search use.

Mobile visits to sites are growing. More and more people are using tablet devices, smart phones, and other mobile devices to access the internet, and experts expect this trend to grow considerably. It has already grown by over 500% in the last year. While the number of mobile visits is still significantly less than other visits, it is important to make your site mobile search engine friendly; especially because those who are willing to visit your site on a mobile device (which is often less convenient and slower) probably want something in particular.

Most mobile visitors are going to click through to fewer pages. This is often because of the frustration of doing it on a phone, or the speed. Thus, in order to improve your mobile traffic, it is wise to make mobile friendly landing pages that are optimized for mobile browsing, and are not slow to load (meaning not too much bandwidth requirement). If you want to track your mobile visits and what the visitors are doing, you can do it with an advanced setting on Google analytics. It may not always be the best representation of your site, as often mobile users only click in to find a phone number or address, but it can help you determine how engaging your site is to the average mobile user, and make changes in order to help customers get what they want with the fewest number of clicks, and faster download times.

Because most mobile users are going to spend less time on your site, your goal should not be to increase the time they spend, rather their ease of use.If you make it easier for mobile browsers to get what they need they are going to return to your site. In other words, consider their time as valuable, and create a mobile version of your site to help users get what they need in the least amount of time.

Mobile searches are often less specific. Understanding this can help you properly tag your pages. Most mobile browsers are general in their searches rather than searching specific brands of products or services. This may indicate the different uses for mobile users, but does not make them any less important. Optimize your site accordingly, and spend the time and money required for a mobile version of your site. You won't regret it, and as the market grows, and the trend increases (which is will with all the new internet capable devices hitting the market each year), you will be prepared for the demands of your customers.

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