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Link Building

Link building is a huge part of doing well with online marketing. Link building helps you get the rankings you want. However, the links you get are important. They should be quality links, and they should be achieved the right way, or at last as much of the right way as possible. When you grub for links, you may see some short-term results, but the long-term results won't be there.

When link building, don't write eccentric posts riddled with swear words to garner attention and accumulate junk links. Don't post inappropriate, scantily clad women, or men, and images of things that might get you links. Don't look for the easy ways to get links. Ask for links from people and sites that would give you a good link. Offer to link with people in your industry, and ask for a return favor; post well-written content that is worthy of links. Add internal links to your site, as these can help as well.

The point is that you want links to pass authority, as they will carry more weight if they are organic links, and not ones that you pay for. The relevance of the link and the strength of the site that has provided the link will usually determine just how much strength you gain. Both quantity and quality is important, as well as the diversity of the linking structure.

You don't want to have a ton of links in the footer of your pages, but you do want to add links to your pages, especially your landing pages. Link building is not necessarily easy, but it does not have to be as complicated as many so-called "experts" claim it to be.

When building links it is good to take time to learn the basics and some of the advance techniques of link building and SEO. You will want to know the math behind Page Rank, and that it is an iterative model. You want to understand what makes some links better than others, and ways to turn a good article into something that also becomes a good link generator. The best way to build links is to do it in smart, subtle ways that make people think it was their idea, and makes the search engines happy because they don't appear to be out and out bribery, trading, etc. The more incoming links you have, the more relevant your pages appear to be to the search engines.

The best links require the best content. A great piece of writing, a page of excellent content or with useful tools, will generate more links, and may become somewhat viral. Even no-follow links are worth something. Links are like online money. The more you have, the more your site is worth. Links help you gain credence as being relevant to the keywords you are optimizing for. It is your content and links that tell the search engine crawlers the quality of your site.

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