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Overcoming blogger block

concernedman19185284.jpgA blog is a powerful marketing tool. It can set you up as an authority in your field. It can lead to people linking to your site. It can help you form a readership and email list, and many more things that are convert to sales in both the short and long run. However, this is only possible if your blog is full of quality content that is worth reading, and that is grabbing reader's attention on a regular basis. This can be really hard to achieve, as coming up with fresh content is not always easy, and keeping it exciting and engaging can be really difficult, especially if it is something you have blogged about several times. These problems are often referred to as blogger block. The following is a look at three things you can do to help solve your blogger block problem:

Get a new perspective: Sometimes blogs get stale because you are always looking at the issue from the same perspective. You can try mixing it up some, while still staying within your general topic. For example, try writing about marketing from a child's perspective, making your marketing tactics in comparison to running a lemonade stand. Or, try approaching the subject from a different angle. You could try the, "what would the world be like without." angle. The idea is to make your blog more interesting by applying your subject matter to a different perspective, or vice versa. This will help expand your readership, and make your blog more interesting, which accomplishing the goal to overcome bloggers block.

Blog somewhere else: If you are getting really hung up on your blog, and have bloggers block, consider blogging somewhere else for a while. Choose a different subject in a different niche, just to get the writing juices flowing. Do a guest post, or just surf around reading various blogs. Sometimes just taking a step back, and eliminating the pressure will help you get rid of the block, and get you back to the excitement level that helps you produce great content.

Revisit old subjects with new perspectives. This is similar to the first post, but the idea is to go back through your blog, find your most highly trafficked posts, and then re-write them from a different perspective. This is a great way to overcome block, and it will usually result in another high trafficked post.

If you are suffering from blogger block, and find that it is an ever increasing problem, try taking a break for a while, and have a running list going so that if you do ever have a flash of inspiration or an idea, you can jott it down before you lose it. That way, when you can't think what to write, you can pull out your list and just start at the top.

This should help you overcome any type of bloggers block, so happy blogging, and enjoy the benefits of this useful marketing tool.

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