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Social media toolkit

If you are going to use social media to build your business it is good to have a clear idea on what tools you ought to be using, and why you should use them. Knowing how to capitalize on the social media tools available to everyone will help you build your business more efficiently.

Tool one: A Blog- This is such a simple tool to use, and it can do wondersyou're your business. Blogland is ever growing, and more and more people are using it to gain information from experts, learn what they want to know, inform themselves, and more. Use a blog, and post regularly, and post consistent information. You can use it to feature new products, or customers. You can announce news, discuss your company, provide relevant industry information, make announcements, and more.

Tool two: Facebook- If you aren't on Facebook, you aren't doing your business any favors. You should be using Facebook to get on the level with your customers, and provide them with information. Facebook gives you a great opportunity to connect with clients, learn what they think about your company, chat with them, update them, direct them to your site and blog, and more. These days almost everyone has a Facebook account, so creating a Facebook page for your business gives you access to your target market, and allows you to gain invaluable insight into what your customers really want from you, where you could be doing better, and more.

Tool three: Twitter- Tweet about your industry, your company, your progress and more. Be sure to respond to those who tweet to you, and use Twitter search to stay on top of emerging trends and industry news. It is a tool that offers you the ability to microblog, direct people to your blog, and see the latest news and chatter about your industry. Again, it offers invaluable industry and customer information, and it is free if you know how to go about getting it.

Tool four: American Express Open- This provides you with forms, etc. to find customers, and connect with them. Again, this is a great social media tool for helping you gain insight into what your customers want, and how you can better capture their business.

Tool five: LinkedIn- If you are a business that does any kind of business with other professionals or businesses, this is a tool you do not want to ignore. It allows you to find business partners and affiliates, make connections, seek advice, post jobs, and so much more.

Basically, each of these social media tools allow you to build relationships and a community that will encourage you to get better acquainted with your customers, and they with you, build brand awareness and loyalty, and keep your customers better informed. Social media is a powerful platform for marketing, business building, networking, and so much more if you learn to utilize the tools properly.

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