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Solve Big Problems To Make Big Money

One of the fundamental truths I've learned about Internet Marketing is that no one really wants to pay for information. The truth is, the only reason people will ever pay you for your information right now is because you can solve their most immediate and important problems right now.

For example, promise someone your eBook will take away their fear or pain regarding some specific issue and they will gladly part with their hard earned cash to see if you have the solution to their problem.

So what does that mean to small online dating and relationship oriented Website operators like you and I? Essentially it means that people on the Internet will only pursue and pay for the products and services that solve their most immediate problems. For example:

* A sick person will pursue a doctor * A person with legal problems will pursue a lawyer * A person needing a mortgage will pursue a banker

So in our Online Dating and Relationship oriented businesses...

* A person needing a date will pursue an online dating service * A person wondering if they've found their perfect soul mate will seek verification * A person seeking a special type of sexual encounter will seek others of a like mind. * etc., etc., etc..

This is a very important point to remember when choosing the specific types of dating and relationship oriented problems you plan on solving for your customers.

The Bigger the Better.

Another important thing I've learned is, if you solve small problems, you'll make small money; if you solve big problems, you'll make big money.

Now think about that for a moment. Don't lawyers and doctors make more money than store clerks and waiters? That's because the problems they solve are much more significant and important to people's lives. Thus, people are willing to pay more for the services of these highly paid professionals.

By the same token, promising to help someone cope with the emotional turmoil of a divorce or relationship breakup is much more likely to make you more money than merely promising to find them a date for next weekend. Beginning to see my point?

As you look for specific subjects and niche markets to exploit within the online dating and relationship oriented marketplace, don't forget to look for those areas where you can solve someone's biggest and most immediate problems.

The good news is, as long as they are men and women on this planet, there will always be relationship problems to solve. Some problems will be bigger than others and offer innovative entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities for large profits.

So just remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger the potential for big profits.

Copyright 2004 John Weisenberger

About the Author:

John Weisenberger is the author of "Making Money with Dating and Relationship Oriented Websites: The Facts, Statistics and Ideas You Must Know to Get Started in This Fast Growing Marketplace. For more information visit

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