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How you can make your marketing message stick in your customers minds

mansmiling30396607.jpgStep # 1 - Create an emotion
In order to attract the positive attention you are seeking, you need to spark an emotion from your customers. What type of message do you want them to feel? Are you focusing on making them laugh, cry, or be surprised? There are so many different emotions you can play with, just make sure you are choosing an appropriate one for your company. The best commercials are those that will also become viral. You want people to link the commercial on their blog and send links to their friends. When people continue to talk about the commercials after it is over and they watch it over and over again, you have created a successful commercial. While a funny commercial is one that will get people talking, you also need to focus on a catchy phrase or jingle, it's easier for people to remember. Think about some of those catchy jingles in the past that have worked:

  • "Mama's got the magic of Clorox 2."
  • "I like Chicken, I like Liver, Meow Meow Mix Please Deliver."
  • "The Joy of Pepsi" starring Britney Spears
As you can see there are a number of popular jingles that companies use all the time to deliver their message. The hardest part is getting the right words and score to go with the jingle to make it memorable.

Tip # 2 - Personal recommendations
A wonderful way to cement an image in your customer's minds is to speak to some of your existing customers and ask them for personal recommendations. Having customers refer a product to their friends and family members is a great way to successful market your company because they are more likely to trust people they are close to. The customer recommendations can be from any of your customers, but try to look for some that have some type of influence or have created a name for themselves in their industries. People are inclined to trust a celebrity name, which will help you with your marketing message.

Tip # 3 - New message
When you are creating a marketing message to send out, you need to try and come up with something new instead of recycling old messages. Think of the commercials you see, which ones have eye-opening messages that stick in your mind? Which ones are boring? Which ones have new information to introduce to their customers? The best marketing messages are those that introduce something new or old in a new way. Even if you don't have a new product for your customers, you can peak their interest by offering them discounts and some type of savings on the products they already purchase. Placing an emphasis on saving money and helping your customers is bound to get their attention in this struggling economy and it's a wonderful way to reach out to your customers. Get creative with your marketing message and you will be able to reach out to your customers in a new way.

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