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Getting your marketing game plan ready

portfolio37194094.jpgAre you ready to start marketing and reaching out to a new audience? You need to get your marketing game plan up and running if you intend to increase your visibility and boost sales. A good marketing game plan is intended to grow your business and take your company to the next level. As you develop a stronger marketing game plan, you will be able to decrease your stress level and provide yourself with greater flexibility.

A marketing game plan will include good strategy, strong visibility, and proper branding. You need to become creative with your marketing game plan if you intend to make a dent in your niche market. Here are some tips on what to do and what to avoid as you are getting your marketing game plan ready:
1. Avoid generalities. When you have a marketing plan that is filled with information as your niche market including "everyone" or "women" or "men, it's not going to get you far. You need to find your target market and focus on their needs. Good market research and strategy will help you fulfill this. If you do have a larger target market, you want to include the "women" that are of the age group and preferences that your company needs. This means you need to focus on "women between the ages of 20-30" or so on. Head to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to expose your company to your niche market and to actually find the customers that have interest in your company.
2. Watch overspending. Far too many customers overspend their marketing budget. They try too hard to compete with the bigger companies and this leaves them with budget problems. Always do your numbers and know where your marketing budget is at before you involve yourself in expensive campaigns. Before you involve yourself in an expensive campaign you must know your profit markup and what it will cost you to market the product. You also need to know how many sales you need to market and how many new customers you need to attract to sustain your business.
3. Compete on your level. Another thing you need to watch out for is competing with the "big boys". If you are a small business, focus on marketing with the companies that are in your niche market. The other worry you need to watch out for is being too creative. Creativity is fun and sets you apart from others but it can get you into trouble in a hurry. Stick with creativity that meets your company and your budget. Get to know your competition and focus on marketing to your niche market instead of focusing on the large companies that may focus on larger markets.
4. Beware of combining marketing and advertising. While the two are closely related, they are very different. Advertising is part of your marketing plan, but marketing is more about generating awareness from the company. Your advertising campaign will be a "visual" approach to generating awareness. Your marketing campaign comes down to the way you treat your customers, how you package your orders, and how you build relationships with them. Do you head to conferences and events and network with other companies and potential customers?
5. Market to your existing customers. Eighty percent of your small business sales are going to come from customers you have already sold a product to. You want to focus on building stronger relationships with them by showing them that you truly appreciate their support and help over the years. Don't forget about your existing customers and make sure they know you are aware of them and that you are showing them that you want them to continue supporting your customers.

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