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A gesture-based remote control?

largetv7652145.jpgEvery home in American has a computer and a television.Sometimes we have multiples of both.We have a television in every room and each member of the family has their own computer.It can be a great benefit for many reasons and can be a great disadvantage for other reasons.Owning those multiple televisions can be a hassle.Each television has its own remote and if you have a cable or satellite box, you will have a remote for that also.And don't forget the DVD player you have attached to your television so you can watch movies in bed.That makes three remotes that you have to keep track of and not loose.The phrase "Good Luck" comes to mind.They always get lost.Thanks to some Australian scientists we can say good bye to all the remotes and use hand signals and actions to make the television power on and off, select channels and move the channels up.What more could we ask for?

A gesture bases remote control will have a control box that you will need to setup by your television and within sight of your hand.You will almost need to put it eye level while you are sitting down.The camera will be able to locate your hand signals and has also been advanced and adjusted to detect movements that are not hand related.These movements include children in your home and pets.

Once you have your control box setup and programmed, you are ready to go.You can start your television and control box by making a fist in front of the control box camera.Your television will turn on.Now you get to channel surf with the simple thumbs up or thumbs down.You point your thumb up; the television will change the channel going up.Same when you put your thumb down.

Some newer product that is being manufactured will still be a gesture based remote, but as mentioned above, you will not need a control box.The camera will be located into the televisions.This will be a less cost to you as the consumer.All you will have to do is set your television up where you want it and make sure that they camera will be able to see your hand movements.

A current gesture base remote control that is gaining popularity daily is the Nintendo Wii.It is a gaming system that allows you to hold a remote in one and play the game.You will have to move the remote in order to accomplish the game.For example, you can play a game of golf on the Wii.In order to do that, you will need to hold the remote in one or your hands, stand and face the Wii in a golf stance.You will then need to swing your arms to hit the ball.This is a great gaming system that not only keeps it interactive, but makes you use your body.

Can this technology really work? Using our hands to turn a television on and off, change the channel and volume?Many consumers are still unsure if it will really work.The only way you will know, you will have to purchase the product for yourself and try it out.Don't be surprised if there are kinks that will need to be worked out.Most new products will have that problem.But being a consumer, you will also be able to help the product improve.Once you purchase it and use it, you will be able to contact the manufacture and let them know how well it is working or how well it isn't working.Some manufacturers will even refund your money if it doesn't work or replace your unit for free if there have been upgrades.There is no harm in asking and getting the new and improved product.

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