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Buying the right digital photo frame

womenwithcamera33277526.jpgTechnology lovers have been in love with digital photo frames when they first hit the market. As technology advances, the digital photo frame has come a long way. You no longer need to have multiple pictures displayed all over your home, all you need to do is upload your pictures to a USB mass storage device and plug it into the digital photo album. While the device is turned on, it will flash the different pictures on the 4x6 or larger screen. This gives you an opportunity to show off all your pictures without printing them out and storing them in multiple scrapbooks that take up a lot of room.

If you don't own a digital photo frame, now is the time to purchase one. These small devices make great gifts because they provide all the things you need like usability and newness. This allows you to keep up with the latest technology, which makes great conversation pieces with your friends. The best part about digital photo frames is that you can get them for almost anything now. Instead of being a large frame, you can get a keychain version and small desktop versions. They make great gifts and they can be purchased for under $20.

So how do you go about selecting the right digital photo frame? Here is a buyer's guide to digital photo frames:

Step # 1 - Why do you need a digital photo frame?
If you are purchasing a digital photo frame as a gift, make sure you get a gift receipt in case your gift recipient wants to exchange it for a different brand or model. If you are giving the frame as a birthday gift, consider pre-loading some pictures on it that the gift recipient will appreciate. If it's a gift for a co-worker, consider getting a smaller digital photo frame that can fit easily on their desk. Once you assess your need for a digital photo frame, it will be much easier to start shopping for the right one.

Step # 2 - Handle the Frame
When it comes to buying the right digital photo frame, you need to physically handle them. Don't just go by online reviews and customer opinions, instead look at the frames on your own. Consider some things like the speed, the lighting, contrast, and viewing capabilities. How far away can you stand and still see the images? Do they become blurry if you get closer or further away? Ask the sales associate to demonstrate the digital photo frame so you can make a good assessment of its capabilities.

Step # 3 - Brand Awareness
Always take a look at the brand of the digital photo frame. Some of the best digital photo frames will be made by the same companies that produce LCD TVs or cameras. These companies have the know-how about photography and they understand how to make your pictures look good. Try to purchase a digital photo frame that is similar to the name brand camera you own, it make it easier for the devices to integrate with one another.

Step # 4 - Price
The price of digital photo frames has significantly dropped over the past few years. You can get a great model for $50 that used to be over $200 about 2-3 years ago. Know what your budget is when you are shopping for a digital photo frame because you can get convinced to buy the more expensive model by the salesman that talks about name brand quality. Keep in mind that most digital photo frames are manufactured by companies that produce a lot of LCD TVs, so they know what they are doing. If you are concerned, purchase the extra product warranty.

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