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Dealing with cell phone spam

cellphones37033895.jpgAnyone that owns a cell phone has gotten at least one spam message. Spam messages come from individuals you don't know and they send the messages with the hope that you will read information about their product. Spam messages are similar to email spam messages, but they aren't quite as ramped as email spam. Since users are often charged per message they receive and send, opening a spam cell phone message can start to add up quickly.

If you are getting tired of paying money for spam messages, there are some things you can do. The government has issued laws that try to protect cell phone users, but some companies have found ways to get around the laws and they continue to send multiple messages. Make sure you list your cell phone number on the National "Do Not Call: Registry. This will stop telemarketers from contacting you and it can protect you from some types of cell phone spam.

Contact your cell phone provider and ask them if they offer a spam blocking service. Your phone may be equipped with features that will reject messages from anyone that is not in your contact list. Verizon and Sprint are two of the major cell phone companies that offer spam filtering service. They allow you to block text messages from certain phone numbers and they will not charge you if you do not open the message that was sent from a spam provider. If you are a T-mobile user, you may have a harder time blocking spam because they do not offer text messaging disabling services.

Of course, you can take spam problems into your own hands and you can start filtering your text messages. You must establish an online account in order to block certain phone numbers from your account. You can even block internet domains and email accounts since most of the spam text messages are sent from email accounts.

After you talk with your cell phone provider and you do everything within your means to stop spam, you can contact the FCC. While they may not be able to block all the messages from your phone, they are working to crack down on the spammers and they may be able to use some of the information from your compliant to track them down.

Every year over 2 billion spam text messages are sent. If you rarely use the text messaging feature on your phone, you will have a lower risk of getting spam messages. This also goes for individuals that typically only use their cell phones to talk to other people. When you start downloading things onto your phone and you start browsing the web on your cell phone, you will run into problems. Anytime you download from a 3rd party vendor, your information is collected and sold to spammers. You are also putting yourself at risk for identity theft. To protect yourself, only download from trusted sites and programs. Verizon offers download services through their personal sites or from a few other sites that they trust. This is a great way to reduce your risk and protect your identity.

If you are getting a large load of spam, you may need to consider cancelling your account and opening a new line. While this may be frustrating, it may be the only thing you can do to get rid of the amount of spam text messages you are receiving. Talk to your cell phone provider to see if they will wave the cancellation fee if you need to terminate early and open a new account. Many of the cell phone companies are more than willing to work with you to keep you happy and they are also working hard to crack down on the amount of spam text messages out there.

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