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Digital photo storage and photo management solutions

mantexting37731079.jpgProtecting your precious memories is an important step to take. With almost every camera on the market being digital, you need to seriously consider digital photo storage options. Digital photos take up a lot of memory and this can quickly cause your computer to run slower and it can even crash, causing you to lose all of the pictures you have taken.

Many people turn to flash storage devices and online photo storage to secure their memories. Both options are a great way to keep a copy of your memories and to keep them in a different location from your computer. However, you do have another option with digital photos. Instead of always loading them on and saving them in large file sizes, use Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing products to reduce the size of the files. This will free-up yoru hard drive, allowing your computer to run faster. Save the large files to flash storage devices and memory cards and then reduce the size that are held on your computer, this is a great way to keep a high-quality copy.

Photo management programs provide you with a great opportunity to reduce the file sizes and to organize and properly store your files. Most of the standard photo management programs don't do extensive things like Adobe Photoshop can do, but you can at least do basic work like red eye removal, cropping, lighting, etc.

The nice feature with photo management software is that you have the ability to work on a photo and the software will keep a copy of the original so you can always reference back to it. This will allow you the opportunity to change your mind if you do something wrong like cropping out too much, brightening the photo, etc. This is called "nondestructive" editing so you need to check the software before you buy it if you are worried that you won't be happy with your edits.

In the past, trained professionals were the only ones that could understand Adobe Photoshop. The new versions of Photoshop like Lightroom are easier for everyone to use. This new software is unique and completely different from the past programs. You have the option to make the photo appear on a black background, allowing you to play around with the photo easier as it is the only thing your eyes will focus on. Of course Adobe will provide you with a trial of Photoshop, but it normally only lasts 30 days and then you need to pay $200 or more for the software. If you don't understand how to use Adobe Photoshop, you are better off sticking to an easier program like Microsoft's photo management software.

In the past the early version of Microsoft's photo management software only allowed you to upload and organize your photos. The new versions allow you to edit them almost like Adobe Photoshop does. Of course the best programs come along with Microsoft Vista so you will need to upgrade your computer in order to start editing.

For individuals that are looking for cheaper options, consider trying ACDSee Pro. You can purchase this photo editing software for about $90 and it allows you to many of the same features as Photoshop and you can customize the files sizes and types (JPEG and RAW). Many of the users of ACDSee Pro have found that its ability to convert RAW files is particularly impressive because it does it in half the time of regular programs. You also have the ability to customize the software to fit your editing needs, making it easier to work on photos and organize them.

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