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Computers Have Changed Our World

When it comes to technology, just about everything is changing! It seems like just yesterday businesses were getting introduced to computers. Then the day when Windows 98 came out seemed amazing. With so many computer and software upgrades happening, companies are always looking for the latest and greatest thing. Since computers are becoming more widely accepted as part of our daily lives, even in places where you might not think technology is reaching, such as developing and third world countries, poor ones such as Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela in South America or poorer countries in Africa such as Timor-Leste, Malawi, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Yemen, Burundi, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Niger, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Zambia and Eritrea. These countries have national average yearly incomes per capita under $1000. For most Americans that's less than they make in a month, and still technology is spreading as far as those third world countries. Not just old and outdated technology, even products such as the IBM 3593 have been brought to the whole world.

How is technology changing our world though? You may not realize how much it changes the simplest of things. Here are 3 ways computers have and are changing our world.
- Communication is probably the biggest thing that technology has changed. Social networking sites have relayed world events and disasters faster than anything has ever before. It has helped rally people for revolutions such as it has in Egypt and other countries that have been ripe for revolution, and has contributed to understanding of the world and stopped ignorance for the crimes and horrors that many people would not realize if there wasn't this technology.
- Knowledge Gaining: If computers haven't done anything, they have done one great thing: they have brought together a huge mind force together in one place, able to solve many of the world's problems today. Brain trusts used to be where the world's greatest minds got together in one place and had to travel expensively and live expensively to work together to solve problems but today you have these brain trusts informally coming together on the internet, solving world problems, revealing the government's secrets and doing lots of other things that were not possible before the internet brought us all together.
- Saving lives: It provides the tools and the means to save lives in the world. Doctors have improved their procedures through the use of computers, and increased ability to store information, such as on hard drives or LTO devices such as the IBM 3593 have brought information to the medical field in ways never before thought about. Making procedures and operations run that much more smoothly. Computers are also used in robotic computers who need memory stored, most likely not in an IBM 3593 but in a hard drive or RAM unit.

Thanks to computers, businesses can interact with customers all over the world. It is easier to deal with companies that are outsourcing when you have computers as it saves you from needing to make conference calls and other things to stay connected to ensure your shipments will be on time. You also can connect with Facebook and social media to your customers all over the world.

Most companies have a computer and some type of system that has been installed. If you have yet to use a computer system within your company, you could be missing out. It is a wise idea to consider investing your money into a quality computer system that will be able to help you manage all of the details pertaining to company finances along with other elements like connection through social media to your customers!

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