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How To Find The Right Online Storage Solutions

Computer storage is something that is taken granted for every day. Your computer simply stores data in the recesses of your system case, and you go on your way. How exactly though, does computer storage work? Since there are many types of computer storage, this question is a little harder to explain. One mode of computer data storage is the most common, and has been around since the 1950s, and is called the hard disk drive. (HDD) This drive uses a magnetic drive to read and write data. On the disk is a magnetized film of ferromagnetic film. Data is written and read from this film by the use of read and write heads that are in close proximity to the magnetic surface. A hard disk drive is powered by two motors, one to spin the disk where the magnetic information is stored, and another to spin a spindle, where the read and write heads are located. The spinning from the spindle allows each read and write head to access any of the information on the disk. A couple drawbacks to the hard drive disk is that it can become useless if you simply hold a magnet to it. The data will be erased and unusable. A great thing about hard drive disks is that they are quite small, measuring 2.5 inches all the way down to .85 inches. This small size has allowed them to be used in laptops, tablets, cell phones and music playing devices.

Another mode of computer data storage is a linear tape open (LTO). The LTO uses magnetic data the same as hard drive disks, but instead of using disks, it uses tape. A tape is run through a cartridge and written and read by write heads and read heads. There are several of these running along the tape, so it's a little different than a videotape, where the tape is only read at one spot and has to be rewound every time you use it. With lots of read and write heads LTO devices are much faster and versatile than their videotape counterparts. More often than not, these devices are generally used for backup and peripheral storage, as they have great compression and encryption technology; a 1.5TB drive can hold 3TB and will be protected from hacking and data stealing by its marvelous encryption, encrypting your data as it is written into your device.

Cloud computing is something that has really taken off recently. With the large world of mobile devices and "apps" taking over, it is important to look around to find the right type of mobile storage option you like. Cloud storage is cheaper from many alternative options and it does help to provide faster and more reliable service to your customers at the same time.There are many different hosts that you can work with as you are considering which company has the best online storage solution for you. It is a good idea to compare rates of online storage servers to give you the best option for your company to give your company faster, reliable service while also helping your customers to keep their information protected.

Technology is improving all the time and there are so many different options that you need to be on the lookout for. Cloud computing is something that is new but it is something that has been able to generate a lot of publicity and a lot of happy customers. Research the pros and cons to cloud computing to see if this is something that you need to consider using to boost the rapid speed of your companies data.

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