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High tech gadgets for your car

Technology is simply everywhere and your car is no exception. Americans have always had a love affair with their cars, and now you can surround yourself with the latest in high tech gadgets, as you hit the road. Whether you are simply heading to the beach or going across country these technology driven gadgets, can make the trip a lot more fun and little easier. So choose your route, get the car checked out, fill up the gas tank and then hit the roads with these high tech gadgets, for your car.

  • Keep in touch-There are plenty of Bluetooth gadgets that will allow you to sync your cell phone to your stereo speaker. This will provide for hands free and voice activation that will make your trip much safer. There is no longer a need to fumble around trying to get your cell phone out to answer a call. More importantly in many states, it's now against the law to talk and/or text on your cell phone while driving. This type of high tech gadget, makes staying in touch easier and safer. Best of all many Bluetooth gadgets, will plug into your car's cigarette lighter, where it will be ready to use, when you need it.
  • Keep on track- There is no reason to get lost anymore. Many people would not even consider getting in their cars, without having a GPS. Today's GPS are as high tech as possible. Best of all many GPS will interface with a cell phone. This is especially helpful if you want to cut down on the number of gadgets you are toting. Because of the number of GPS on the market it is recommended that you go online and read reviews, before buying one. However, many GPS have every directional function you can think of, for a very affordable price.
  • Keep it charged-With all of the technology gadgets that you want to take with you, keep in mind that they will have to be charged. Today, there are gadgets that allow you to have a "one stop charger" for all your mobile car charging needs. This means that you won't have to worry about stopping and finding a place to charge all of your high tech gadgets. Again, checking online can show you the different varieties that are available, to fit your needs.
  • Keep it safe-While everyone wants to assume that their road trip will go smoothly; the reality is that mishaps happen, and it always pays to be prepared. Having a set of LED flares, can help you to be prepared, should your car break down. While these types of flares are pretty new on the market, you can find them, for under $50 dollars. While you always hope you won't need them, they can make a great addition, to your emergency car kit. Technology experts recommend buying online, for the best prices. There are a wide variety of brands that are available, so be sure to do your homework. Another good item to put in your car, for safety are some of the new smart jumper cables. Technology has turned ordinary battery jumper cables, into a high tech gadget. These battery cables are different, from the moment they are clamped onto your battery. There is no more confusion about what end to attach, because when you connect the jumper cables, to the other battery, they will automatically figure out the polarity. This means that you don't have to worry about color coding. In addition, they also have surge protectors that are built in. This means that they won't cause a problem with the other vehicle or any of the electrical systems in your car.
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