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The EV-X7 hybrid bike

Electric vehicles are being created by the thousands as more consumers want to do their part to help protect the environment and to also avoid having huge monthly gas bills to pay for just in order to drive their vehicles around town. A Tokyo based Axle Corporation has launched a new hybrid bike that a number of scooter junkies are fawning over.

So what is this really cool bike? The EV-X7 hybrid bike is definitely something you need to get your hands on if you are planning to scoot about town and you don't really need a large vehicle to get around. It's really designed for smaller cities and towns but you can easily use it outside the cities. On a single charge, you should be able to average about 100 miles. This makes it ideal for the cities where you need to get back and forth in a hurry.

The price of the EV-X7 hybrid bike is about $2100 but it's not yet available to the public for purchase so there is a good chance that this cost will go down significantly or that it could climb up even higher. Either way compared to the cost of a traditional scooter along with the maintenance costs, the EV-X7 hybrid bike will blast anything else out of the water.

Although it has the title of a hybrid bike, it's not a traditional bike by any means. It's an electric scooter so in order for you to get any type of use out of it. You need to have a place where it can charge. The motor is housed in the bike's rear wheel axel so it's not in a challenging place to find and charge.

Compared to the scooters that use petroleum to run, the electric scooters are far superior. The EX X7 hybrid bike actually is 7 times more cost efficient from a petrol scooter, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the scooter.

As scooters get older, some of them tend to get a little noisy and sound like an old lawnmower that is running out of whack. An electric scooter is quiet and when you test drive the EV X7 hybrid bike you can see just what we are talking about. It's literally noiseless, which can be a good and bad thing when you are on the streets and people just jump out in front of you because they didn't hear you coming.

Since you do need to charge the bike's battery in order to use it, make sure you have the right equipment for charging. It only take the battery about 6 full hours to charge completely and you can be back on the road in no time traveling up to 110 miles away.

The EV X7 hybrid bike will get up to speeds of 42 miles per hour so you really don't want to venture this bad boy onto the highways. Keep it to the local roads that only go 35 miles per hour or less so you don't wear out the battery too quickly by keeping it at max speed all the time.

Even though you won't be able to get your hands on the EV X7 hybrid bike until 2011 or even 2012 there are a number of other electric scooters you can choose from. Waiting until the technology is out is probably the best decision since you are looking to invest at least $2K into a new bike. The other good news is that the Axel Corporation is also working on applying this technology to other vehicles as well and there is a prototype for a four wheeler in the works.

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