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Air duct cleaning - is it worthwhile for your business?

Air duct cleaning is essential for a healthy working environment. Indoor air quality is a serious concern.It is the business/building owner's responsibility to ensure that working environments are clean and safe.Keeping your air ducts clean from obstructions and contaminants is vital.

Indoor air quality was a huge problem in the 90's.Now after shocking results found by the EPA, awareness is being raised about this problem.Indoor air is re-circulated; when there is no filtration system in place (or the air ducts are not clean) indoor air quality has been measured to be 100 times worse than the outdoor air.

In addition to all of the issues of well-being associated with air duct cleaning, air duct cleaning can also be financially worthwhile for your business.Consider the following information about the benefits of having clean air ducts, and better indoor air quality, and the possible costs of not maintaining your ventilation system.


  • Profits - Air duct cleaning is worthwhile for your business because it has been shown that clean air makes for healthier employees. When your employees are healthy they are more productive while they are at work and miss less work due to sickness.The same is true for customers.Customers who are uncomfortable because of the air quality in your business are not likely to work you on a regular basis.The customers need to feel safe and comfortable in your place of work or they will take their business elsewhere.
  • Costs - There are many companies that re-circulate the air their buildings in an attempt to save money on energy costs.In all reality they may be spending more money treating respiratory illnesses because of the poor air quality.A nearly %50 increase in respiratory issues are a result of businesses that re-circulate poor air. Thus, what a company like this thought they were saving financially, they were actually having to spend.

Health (Employee and Customer)

  • Absenteeism - Employee absence due to illness can take a large portion of income away form your final profits.Sick pay and in this case when the illness is caused by the business can lead to high pay outs.As the business owner you are responsible for the health of the employees that are a direct result of their working environment.Respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma are just a few conditions that poor indoor air quality can lead too.Regular cleaning of air ducts is an easy and worthwhile way to prevent these problems.
  • Insurance Premiums - When you are constantly having your industrial insurance pay out because of respiratory illness expenses, your insurance premiums will start to increase.Think of how much money, time and grief you can save yourself if you just attack this problem at the source by making sure that your building is as safe as possible.
  • Legal Obligations - U.S. courts have been consistent in their ruling that it is the business/building owner's responsibility to ensure that the air being breathed by the building's occupants is safe.As the individual responsible for ensuring that the air ducts are clean, not only are you keeping the occupants and visitors to your building safe, but you are also avoiding costly legal battles and medical obligations.

Hopefully you can now see that in the great majority of cases air duct cleaning is worthwhile for your business.It will save you the costs of healthcare and absenteeism.Also, it will keep you at a safer distance away from legal action, as those who work in your building have a right to expect that you are being responsible and keeping the air clean.Air duct cleaning is a little thing that if neglected can lead to big problems.Take care of it now, so that you can have one less thing to worry about as your main goal is to see success as a business owner.

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