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How To Keep A Business Running

Managing a company is hard work. Use these tips to help you be the most effective boss you can be.

- Technology
The Internet can become a problem when it is used for the wrong things. Make sure to keep track of what employees are researching at work. It can get easy to get off track when the whole world is open to you. So filter out sites that can be visited on work computers. Pornography can become an issue if strong firewalls and security systems are not set in place. So hire a good IT guy and stay current on the latest technology, including hacking techniques. When you know how they work, you can beat them.
The film "Catch Me If You Can" depicts a young man who travels the world as a con artist. It is actually based on a true story. This teenager becomes a doctor, a lawyer, and an airline pilot without any training at all. How does he do it? He begins as a teacher when the other kids mistake him for one, and it goes on from there. He steals and cheats the whole movie, and at the end, is hired by the very firm who catches him. The CIA makes him a generous offer to do his time while keeping other people from committing the same crimes.
He knew what he was doing so well that he could effectively stop other con artists. Become the man who knows about Internet security so you never face a problem. Of course, you probably will not have to deal with geniuses like this movie character, but keep up to date on general technology topics.
- Media Involvement
Make a good splash in the media on a daily basis. They say that any press is good press. That is not necessarily true. When people see your company as a failure or fraud, they tend to stay away from it. Take Enron, for example. Once it was known that the company was doing shady business, it became a black mark on the heads of those who worked there. Advertisers also do not like to associate with dirty topics. They stay away when a magazine company is under federal scrutiny.So make sure to get a good publicist.
Never let your products leak without your permission. Of course, it can make good press and bring traffic to leak new products, but when you do not mean to it can lead to disaster. Certain authors have failed to release new books when unpublished copies were leaked ahead of time. This can devastate a large market and prevent sales. So encrypt messages and be careful about whom you share information with. Also have everyone involved sign a non-disclosure agreement subjecting him or her to jail and fines for undue release of information.
- Communication
They say that communication makes for a good marriage. Communication makes for a good business, or any kind of group, really. When you want to accomplish tasks with multiple people you have to know how to communicate. So make sure that the work environment is friendly and open.
Be careful with what kind of information you put in an email, as well. Make sure that sensitive data cannot be forwarded or printed out.
It can be common to CC the boss when you want certain items of businesses to be taken care of. When you want employees to allocate time to your project, and need their manager to know, simply email the employee and CC their boss. This way their manager knows why their worker's time is being taken up, and they can approve of the deal. This also keeps workers moving in the right direction. When your boss knows what you are supposed to be doing, you are more likely to stay on task and try a little harder.
Keep up with these ways to improve your management skills.

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