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Learning How To Delegate Your Work

Delegation is a major part of business management. Without it, you are left with a boss who has too much on his or her plate. So simplify tasks with these tips for effective delegation in the workplace.

Clarify Dates And Deadlines
Make sure that everyone knows when projects are due, including the time of day. When deadlines are fuzzy, they can be missed. This opens the employee and manager up to unnecessary frustration. The number one rule when it comes to delegation is to be clear.
How Do You Measure The Finish Line?
It can be hard to do anything right when you do not know exactly what you should be doing. Sometimes groups are assigned projects and not told what their completed task should be.
A new professor in school once assigned everybody projects halfway into the semester. He did not like how grades were going or how people appeared to not read the textbook, as they should. So he gave questions for each group to answer and had them present on their topics on as certain day. He did a good job of telling his students when to be ready but did a lousy job of telling what to accomplish.
Students were not sure how in depth to cover the topics or how well they should understand the questions. Students in the first group were in for a rude awakening when the professor questioned them non-stop about their topic. They were not at all prepared because they had not even made a power point. They knew the basics, but no details really.
Each group had to learn from the last, until the final group got the best grade by default. People were upset because this exercise did nothing to help their grade, which was already a problem because of the new teacher. It only hurt them and they came out confused and feeling that they were ignorant of the material. This feeling made some students slack off even more than before.
This same scenario happens in business all of the time, unfortunately. Delegation can go awry when people do not understand the expectations of their boss. They flounder around without direction, all of the time hoping that their progress is in the right ballpark, and then often fail because they were way off.
1. So tell your team what format you want the project to be in. Do you want it saved in a particular data form or presented on a certain backdrop?

2. Tell them what each piece of the final product should do. Should the tool just connect two pieces or have another function?

3. Tell them how comprehensive you want the product and how much time or money you want to spend on it. A budget helps people stay in line with what the company can handle. Going over budget never looks good to higher authority, so be strict on this matter.
Give Whole Projects
It is much easier to work on your part of the project when you know where it fits in to the whole thing. The finished product may require your part to look or act a certain way.
For example, when splitting up a power point presentation, each member needs to know how to address his or her portion. What palette should be used? If a blank palette is used, someone needs to do more work at the end matching the pieces together for a cohesive presentation. How in-depth should each group member go? Should he or she spend hours researching everything about their topic so that they are expert enough to answer any possible related question?
With these tips, you can more effectively delegate any group of employees.

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