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The Secrets To Hiring For A Successful Company

If you would like to create a successful business, there are some tips you need to follow in the hiring process. Here are some things to follow.

Never Hire Friends
Never hire your friends. It can compromise your friendship and your business relationship. One man worked with his best friend as a business partner for years and years. He forgave the times the friend was rude to clients and took unwarranted initiative because they had a prior relationship. Years later, one partner left the company with hundreds of thousands of dollars that he had embezzled over the years. The friend had missed out on the discrepancies in the accounting books because the trusted partner had signed them off. This is a true story, and the saddest part is that it has been played out over and over again.
Do not trust your business to a friend who can run off with it and steal your ideas. You may feel too bad to prosecute no matter how much of a hard ball you normally are. Friends and family are close to your heart and they tug at your emotions. So say "no" to hiring them.
Say "No" To Family
This goes for hiring any family as well. Your family is even closer, and no matter what happens, you will most likely continue to see them throughout your life. Reunions and birthday parties make that so. Often, you cannot simply move on from a huge problem with a family member because you do not want your children to have to suffer. So cousins keep playing together while you may hate their parent.
The easy way out of this is to not hire family any time, for any reason. If someone has a hard time getting a job, send them extra cash as a gift or refer them to another company. Do not complicate your life by crossing lines that should never be crossed.
Hire To Fill In Your Gaps
At the same time, make sure to hire those people you cannot live without. A wise president is not someone who knows and is good at everything. There is no such person, except in fiction. A wise president is he who hires others to make him look good and help him make decisions.
That is why the president of the United Sates has advisors and secretaries. The Secretary of State and other heads of state are smart people who are geniuses in their field. The president basically contracts out parts of his job to different people for the best of the country. We should be grateful that he does not try to do it all himself-we would fall to shambles.
Recognize the qualities in yourself that need some work, and hire people with those qualities. If you were never very good at staying on schedule, hire a secretary who will not let you arrive late. If you need help with the financial side of things, hire amazing accountants who you can trust. If you know that you have difficulty with a certain area of your company, take the time to hire someone who is genius at that.
Outside Hires
Outside hires are good because they come with a track record that you can access. You can speak to their previous employer and see what they have done for them. Most of all, they come trained and ready to do all that you need them to do. You do not have to spend money on teaching them the job skill. You know that they can get the task accomplished.
Make An Offer They Cannot Refuse
However, remember that outside hires have jumped ship before. Set them up with a competitive salary and good health benefits. This goes a long way in keeping employees. Consider adding gym memberships and other such amenities to keep down the rate of turnover.
Remember that good employees are the key to running a successful, multi-faceted business.

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